The Top 10 Things Your Nanny Should NOT Do!
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The Top 10 Things Your Nanny Should NOT Do!

Nannies can be like part of the family, but it takes careful consideration and time for bonding to establish such a close relationship. You can establish rules with your nanny and over time things will evolve to a perfect balance of your family’s needs, but newbies sometimes need a little help. Below is a list of the ten most important things a parent needs to know in order to have the best nanny experience.

Number 1

The nanny should not take it upon him/herself to make up the household rule; but rather should communicate with the family on their rules.

Number 2

The nanny should not show up when it is convenient for her, but show up at the time she/he is supposed to work.

Number 3

The nanny should not take the children out for lunch everyday, but cook healthy, nutritious meals for them.

Number 4

The nanny should not set the children in front of the TV all day, but rather engage them in activities.

Number 5

The nanny should not depend on the parents to clean up the home when they return home, but keep it in the same order as when the parents left.

Number 6

The nanny should not be texting or using her phone while transporting the children.

Number 7

The nanny should not have unexpected guests over during working hours.

Number 8

The nanny should not be utilizing the computer for personal use during working hours.

Number 9

The nanny should not leave the children unsupervised.

Number 10

The nanny should never leave her position without giving the family enough notice to find a replacement nanny.

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Candi Wingate is an expert in the child care industry with over 20 years experience. She is the founder of and, author of “100 Tips for Nannies & Families,” and mother of two.

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