Birthday Party Planning Checklist
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Birthday Party Planning Checklist

Birthday parties can be fun-filled events, especially if nothing has been forgotten. Imagine the disappointment for the party planners if somehow refreshments didn’t make it onto the list of needed supplies. These kinds of omissions can be avoided if the birthday party is well planned. Planning ahead doesn’t have to be a headache, either. While some decisions need to be made, such as deciding on a theme, having a party-planning checklist takes the pressure off and allows party planners to enjoy preparing for the festivities.


Deciding on a particular theme may make the rest of the party planning moot. For example, if the theme is going to be animals and you decide to purchase a birthday package deal at a nearby zoo, you just need to show up on the day of the party. Packages are great ways to have the others take care of the details. Still, don’t forget the presents.

Guest List and Invitations

If the birthday party is meant to be a surprise, there may be some difficulty in knowing which people to invite. The party’s guest of honor may have to be approached with caution about the guest list. Still, these details can be worked out with little forethought. The important thing here is to arrive at the guest list ahead of time so that invitations can be sent out well in advance, allowing for busy people to make time in their schedules for the party. Don’t forget to put the party’s date, time and location on the invitation. Also, a guideline of what to wear is helpful to party goers.


The location will have to be selected before the invitations go out, of course, and if the party is to be at somebody’s home, be sure to include the address on the invitation. Some imaginative thought can go into selecting the location for a birthday party. Parks and community pools can be great choices, although it’s a good idea to call in advance and check on the regulations regarding such events. Restaurants can be a great choice if you aren’t enthusiastic about food preparation. The home of the party’s guest of honor is a good, safe choice, and it should be included as a back-up party location, in case of inclement weather when an outdoor party is planned.


The kind of decorations to include in the party planning depends in large part on the guest of honor’s age. Younger children may enjoy colorful banners, balloons, party hats, streamers and posters. Older people may enjoy decorations that are nostalgic, heralding back the years that have gone by, such as copies of old pictures.


Prepackaged birthday celebrations typically come with entertainment, such as a party at the local zoo, but if the party is at someone’s home, musicians, clowns or outdoor playground toy rentals help provide great entertainment venues.

Food and Drink

Food for a birthday party can vary widely with the culinary tastes of the party planners. Consider having food that is colorful to add to the festive atmosphere. No matter what food choices are made, though, don’t forget the cake. Remember to have a variety of drinks to account for different tastes and the plates, cups and cutlery to go along with the food.

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