Are You Taking Your Fitness Plan Too Far?
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Are You Taking Your Fitness Plan Too Far?

Our “Fit Mommy” weighs in..

Are you irritable, hungry or tossing and turning at night, dreaming of your new and improved hot bod? If you are one of the many instant gratification seekers, hoping to metamorphose your physique faster than you can say the word “abracadabra,” you may be rushing the process and feeling the pain that yo-yo dieting or over-training can bring. While we all seek instant gratification, it is crucial to plan your diet and exercise plan wisely and safely to guarantee success.

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I eating small meals throughout the day to prevent crabby blood sugar plateaus?

Is my diet full of fresh vegetables, fruits, clean proteins, healthy fats and nutrient-dense carbohydrates?

Am I eating small meals that include both protein and carbohydrates, both before and after my workout?

Am I drinking enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated?

Am I getting enough rest to recover from my fitness routine as well as taking a “rest-day” away from the gym?


Studies show that a healthy weight loss plan of 1-2 pounds per week is an attainable and reasonable goal to stay healthy as you cut calories, but most importantly, weight loss at this rate will prevent the dissipated pounds from coming back. As crazy as it sounds, the slower it comes off, the longer it will stay off.


Because the majority of my personal client base is comprised of females, I am fortunate to have learned so much about women throughout the years, just by talking as we work out. Once I can get them to trust me and step back from the mirror and look inside, focusing on building a healthier, strong interior, the external physique magically comes together. Micro-managing calories, attempting to “spot train” your least-desirable body parts or ignoring painful hunger pangs simply does not work and will eventually backfire.


  • Women should never drop their calories consumed to less than 1200 per day.
  • Fad diets that strictly omit healthy food options simply do not work in the long-term. Deprivation has a rebound effect.
  • Be patient and do not weigh yourself every day. Water and sodium intake tips the scale. A weekly weigh-in is sufficient information to reinforce your accomplishments.
  • Fitness and health is a lifestyle. You must commit yourself to be it. No one else can make this decision, but you.
  • Surround yourself with positive and supportive friends and empower yourself that you can and will succeed.
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