The Benefits of Rest: How to Change Your Outlook So You Enjoy Life More
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The Benefits of Rest: How to Change Your Outlook So You Enjoy Life More

Do you ever have days when you’re not feeling like yourself? You may be feeling a little more down in the dumps than you usually do. You see yourself as a positive person, but some afternoons hit and you can feel your patience wane. The slump feels inevitable, or you’re about to hit a wall.

Rest has a huge impact on our happiness and how we interpret the world. When we are well rested our outlook in every aspect of our lives is a more positive one. We handle stress differently, and experience shows us fatigue and stress can be an explosive combination.

One of the best, most loving acts I can do for myself is to listen to my body. When I take time for the rest I need I feel so much better. My outlook is brighter, and everyday life seems more like a celebration of living.

How many times have you needed just a few minutes to rest and rejuvenate, but instead plowed through your day? Thinking there was too much you needed to get done. On the busiest days, the ones where you absolutely think you cannot possibly fit in 15 minutes of silence or rest, those are the days you need it the most. If you allow yourself the gift of a few quiet minutes, you’ll in turn be able to give your all in the tasks that you are doing.

For example, you’re taking care of your kids, they are tired, you’re tired which means your patience is running low, and you start butting heads. Instead of carrying on with the things you need or want to get done you rest for a few minutes. Afterwards you are able to handle the situation from a new perspective, and when you do start being productive again, you work more efficiently because you are renewed with a better outlook.

Your outlook is everything in life.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”  ~ Shakespeare

Sometimes our outlook is glum simply because of fatigue. If you’re feeling down or that you are not handling a situation as best you know you are capable of, consider asking yourself if you are overtired. Taking time to rest, and quiet the body and mind is a worthwhile investment no matter how busy your schedule, and the busier your schedule, the more you need it. Your time investment will not only increase your productivity afterwards, it will change your outlook to one that is happier and more in touch with the real you.

Rest is the simple switch needed to turn on our inner light and brighten our world.

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