Fitness and Fun with Kids
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Fitness and Fun with Kids

The following is a guest post by James

So, you have decided to get your kids off the couch and away from the TV, right? Well, that’s the best idea to tackle obesity at such a young age! But before you start to make them active, there’s one thing to remember and act accordingly – motivation! Kids learn quicker by watching, and this is exactly your secret to make them live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

No! There is no need for you to go along with them to a gym or some training class, if you become their fitness role model. This means that you simply need to reserve some time for practicing fitness exercises with your kids. By watching their parents exercising regularly, kids will automatically be motivated to do the same. Even studies have shown that such children are more likely to live a healthy lifestyle.

But there’s a twist here! This time, you will not perform those conventional gym-based exercises. Kids are certainly going to get bored with them, which will simply de-motivate them at some point in time. So, why not think of a few fun ways to remain fit? The increasing fascination of computers and video games has actually arrested your kids in sedentary fun. Why not replace it with active fun? After all, you not only get time to be with your kids, but you make good use of that time ensuring a healthy life for your kids and boosting their confidence. So, here are some fun fitness ideas that you can affordably employ! 

Daily Walking or Skipping

You can start with this idea in the beginning. Take your entire family for afternoon or night walks after meals. At the start, keep a distance of say 2 miles or so to measure the walking ability of your kids. As they get habituated, increase the walking distance but lessen the time to reach the final point so that they manage to walk fast on their way, thus performing a job of an exerciser on a treadmill. If your kids love skipping, keep a skipping competition daily to count the skips made within the fixed time limit.

Conduct a Dancing Contest

Dancing is always the most loved activity of kids. Now to that, if you add the spice of competition, you just cannot imagine how much you and your kids are going to practice! There is no better cardio workout than the dancing on some cool fitness DVDs. As a tip, let the competition be amongst the friends and relatives, and keep a condition that each group will have at least one parent and kid to participate. This way you keep everybody’s heart pumping! 

Hit a Nearby Sports Playground, Park, or Club

The benefit of doing this is that your kids will learn to remain active outside the home. Instead of playing at home, take them to a nearby park or playground where you can play kickball, basketball, soccer, and other running games. Call their friends along with their parents to make the play more interesting and motivating. 

Plan an Adventurous Weekend

One fun-based fitness idea is to go hiking or biking on inclined slopes. This is similar to the exercise performed on cross trainers in gyms. The fun here is to enjoy the passing sceneries and attractions. Even water-based adventures are very effective, such as swimming.


Author Bio: James is a fitness lover and he loves to blog on diet plans, tips and exercises that help you know how to lose belly fat effectively.  

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