Products to Help You Get Pregnant
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Products to Help You Get Pregnant

When you are trying to get pregnant, you may want any help you can get. Many products claim to be able to help you get pregnant, from things you can purchase in most stores to medicines that only your doctor can prescribe. Before you go out and spend a small fortune, make sure you know which ones really work and which are right for you.


Herbal blends you can purchase over-the-counter claim to regulate your cycle, helping you become pregnant. Prescription drugs stimulate ovulation. Fertility monitors and ovulation test strips measure the hormones in your urine, trying to anticipate the time when you’re most likely to become pregnant. Using a basal body thermometer can track your cycle to pinpoint the time when you’ll ovulate. Traditional lubricants may hinder the movement of sperm, so if you experience vaginal dryness, you may want to purchase a lubricant that’s made for those trying to conceive.

When to Use

Any products that help you predict when you ovulate — fertility monitors, ovulation test strips and basal body thermometers — are useful right from the start. Unless you have a known medical condition that prevents you from ovulating, your doctor will probably not prescribe medication until you have been trying to become pregnant for at least six months.


Though some people become pregnant quickly and easily, others need more help. Products to help you get pregnant can regulate or track your menstrual cycle. When you can come close to predicting when you ovulate, you are better able to time intercourse to maximize your chances of pregnancy.


Tracking and regulating your cycle is a tried-and-true method of improving your chances of pregnancy. However, the effectiveness of herbal blends is not as obvious. More studies are needed to prove their efficacy.


For most products that help you get pregnant to work, you need to have a fairly regular cycle, even if it’s shorter or longer than average. If you do not ovulate regularly, it’s more difficult to use these products effectively.

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