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How to Decorate Ceilings for Parties

When you are decorating for a party, don’t forget the ceiling. A decorated ceiling envelopes your guests in your theme. Let your guests step into a new world with hanging, bouncing decorations overhead. If you can reach your ceiling with a step stool or small ladder, you can decorate it with any theme you want. Grab a friend to help you when hanging items. Let her hand you each item while you hang it so you don’t have to worry about reaching or stretching from the ladder.

Step 1

Cut shapes from construction paper to match your party theme. Create stars, cars, planes, crowns, flowers or any other shape. Blow up balloons.

Step 2

Cut ribbon to strips that will hang from the ceiling to about 6 feet above the floor. Glue the shapes to one end of the ribbon. Glue two or three balloons to the end of the ribbons.

Step 3

Tack the other end of the ribbons to the ceiling with a thumb tack or sticky adhesive. Distribute shapes and balloon bunches around the room.

Step 4

Tack one end of a streamer roll to one corner of the ceiling. Unwrap it lightly and let it drape down, toward the middle of the room. Tack the middle of the streamer in the middle of the ceiling, so the streamer drapes down to the shapes and balloons. Tack the other end of the streamer to the opposite corner. Cut off any excess. Do the same from the other corners.

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