Kids’ Christmas Party Food Ideas
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Kids’ Christmas Party Food Ideas

While wishing your guests a merry little Christmas, don’t let the stress of the season get in the way of your good mood – especially when it comes to holiday parties!

Instead of running yourself ragged planning an overly elaborate affair, remember that Christmas is a time for friends, family and love. With a little creativity, and some of these helpful tips, you can put together a memorable menu for your kids’ party without a lot of fuss and flurry.

Holiday Spirit

Christmas is an exciting time of year. From gifts to time off from school, kids have so much to look forward to. Christmas-themed foods help keep kids in the spirit and cultivate the emotions of the holiday. Look for bright colors and rich flavors that delight your guests. You can tie in the songs and stories of the season by putting together cookies and cupcakes that look like reindeer, Santas, stables, elves and stars.

Warm Hearts

If you live in a cold weather climate, the chilly winds, maybe even snow, is already settling in. Christmas party menus should be full of warm and spicy options to keep your guests toasty. Heat hot chocolate and apple cider on the stove for guests to drink. For more sophisticated attendees, brew some peppermint tea, with a peppermint stick in each cup. Wait until guests arrive to bake your last batch of cookies, so you can serve them fresh out of the oven.

Healthy Hearts

Kids, and adults, will be eating many treats this holiday season. Try to serve some non-sugary alternatives, which will help curb sugar crashes and will be good for the body. Consider mini quiches filled with spinach and other veggies, meatballs and low-fat pastries. Season your dishes with warm spices, such as cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and curry.

Creative Containers

Creativity in presentation can make even simple treats and snacks feel special. You can use pieces of chives or green onions to tie bows around little appetizers. This is a great way to encourage even kids to eat greens. How intriguing to eat the “ribbon.” At Christmas, craft stores are full of plastic ornament balls and little containers. Place snacks or nut mixes in each one and hand out to the kids. This also prevents anyone from overeating or complaining about portion sizes.

Embrace Tradition

Christmas snacks, from sugar cookies to fruit cakes, can reflect the holiday. They can also reflect your own family’s traditions. There is nothing inherently wrong with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or bologna if that’s your kids or family preference each year. Delight your own kids by serving a selection of their favorites, in miniature appetizer fashion, rather than the expected adult choices.

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