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5 Fun Facts About The Future Mr. Kim Kardashian

The Reality Wedding of the Year is set for this weekend, when Kim Kardashian and NBA’s Kris Humphries join a long list of athletes marrying into the celebrity world. And he won’t have to go very far from home to get advice on how to deal with the spotlight – his soon to be brother-in-law, basketball star Lamar Odom married Khole Kardashian last year, and went from NBA player to reality star himself.

Now, most of us girls love entertainment and celebrity gossip. We know about supermodel Gisele and how she got back into shape after having her baby, but which football player is she married to again? Oh yeah.. Tom Brady.

Or we watch Elisabeth Hasselbeck everyday on “The View” but is it her husband or her brother-in-law that still plays in the NFL?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know a little more about these guys? Maybe surprise your man with knowing who really these athletes are, and not just who they are dating!

Here are 5 Things to Know about Kris Humphries before the Big “I Do”

1. Kris Humphries played power forward for three other NBA teams including the Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz, and Toronto Raptors. He currently plays for the New Jersey Nets.

2. Looks like Kim and Kris can continue the Kardashian tradition of K names for their children. Kris has two older sisters named Krystal and Kaela to join with Kim’s sisters Kourtney, Khloe Kendell and Kylie.

3. At 6’9” tall, Kris makes Kim’s 5’2” even smaller.

4. Basketball was not his first sport. Kris was a competitive swimmer at age 10 and he was top in 6 events. He placed second only behind Michael Phelps.

5. Kim is the breadwinner in this relationship. Kris’s basketball salary brought in a mere 2.9 million dollars to Kim’s 12 million dollars according to Forbes magazine.

I love a celebrity wedding, but a sports/celebrity wedding is even better!  Grab your guy on October 9th and 10th for the two part Kim & Kris Wedding special on E!


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