Back To School Must-Haves 2019
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Back To School Must-Haves 2019

It’s almost that time – Back To School! Parents are rejoicing while kids are not. But most agree that BTS shopping is always fun. We found some items we thought could help with the multitude of choices out there!

Kids need to bring laptops to school more and more these days and they are expensive! So we need to protect them. This Aqua Rainbow Stripe laptop case protects your child’s laptop while also making a fashion statement. The rainbow stripe is adorable and really stands out in her backpack. The cuter it is, the more likely your child will actually use it. This one definitely is a must-have!

As we are all looking for alternatives to single-use plastic straws, FinalStraw is a perfect reusable solution for kids (and who are we kidding, adults too) who use straws! These collapsible straws come in a variety of fun colors and come with a telescoping cleaning brush in a keychain-sized carrying case to clean the straw. Brilliant.

Brand new highlighters are always an exciting addition to the pencil box but mini highlighters will really add fun to your child’s backpack! Yoobi Mini Highlighter Set has 10 mini pastel highlighters that will brighten up any paper. Great way to organize school work or to just have fun choosing what color to use! So cute!

Stickers brighten up any binder or notebook and we LOVE So. Many. Stickers. This giant collection of stickers – did I mention it’s 2500?! Yep, 50 pages of 50 high quality stickers that won’t disappoint! While any kid would love these, they are also cool enough for the inner child in all of us. Coffee cups, shoes, cactus, animals, fruit, ROLLER SKATES! And so much more! You’re welcome.

This Glitter Peg Letter Board is a perfect back to school item to leave on your tween’s desk. Send a sparkly message of encouragement on their first day or an inspirational note when they return after a long day. And for every one you buy, Yoobie donates an item to a child in need. Love.

Now this can be for your teen who is looking to decrease blackheads and blemishes, but also can be for mom to encourage a healthier younger looking complexion. The Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer is America’s best selling facial steamer & humidifier for good reason – it combines a heating element with a new ultra sonic vaporizer to produce nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles. What does that mean? It means you get up to 10x improved blood circulation, a healthier younger looking complexion and promotes drainage of sinuses (among other things)! Highly encourage you to get this!!

One of the major must-haves for most teens and I’d say all new college freshman are noise cancelling headphones. We love Altec Lansing Comfort Q Active Noise Cancelling Headphones because they have up to 26 hours of continuous audio without having to charge them! They also have a super handy function called “Just Ask” where they can use Siri or Google Voice Assistant thru Bluetooth to set reminders, ask questions, and anything else they need. They are comfortable and fold so they are convenient to take on the go. 

Back to school also means hungry kids coming home after school. Discourage your kids from reaching for processed food from the pantry by keeping healthy fruits and veggies fresh and accessible! Freshworks Countertop utilizes revolutionary technology to regulate air flow to extend freshness of produce you leave on the counter. Take your tomatoes out of the container and pop them in here and they look appetizing and stay fresh. Yum.

What about produce that goes in the fridge? Freshworks has you covered with their 2ct Produce Saver. With a Crispy Tray at the bottom of the container elevating the food slightly off the bottom helps keep moisture away from the produce and promotes proper airflow to reduce spoiling. So smart and keeps the refrigerator looking organized with fruits and veggies front and center!

Back to School means snacks, snacks and more snacks. LuckyBar will be your new go-to snack for school lunches, after school snack and even breakfast on the go! They are low in sugar, carbohydrates, fat and sodium but they also have no fillers, gluten or preservatives! And when you thought it couldn’t get any better  – one bar has more protein than 2 large eggs.

Just because school is starting doesn’t mean the fun has to end. The weather is still perfect for weekend beach trips, hikes and picnics. The Sling Cooler fits 12 cans with ice (or whatever kid-friendly drinks you might want to bring) with a water-resistant outer shell. Above the cooler is a dry pocket to store non-cold items. The padded shoulder strap makes this easy to grab and go.