Back To School Must-Haves
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Back To School Must-Haves

You can almost hear the tears of kids everywhere this time of year because of the inevitable BACK-TO-SCHOOL. Some parents are secretly jumping for joy to get their kids back on a routine, while some are dreading the early morning chaos and afternoon homework struggles. But I do think one thing is common for most of us, and that’s our love of brand new fun products! In partnership with Avery, we’ve rounded up some of our faves to give you a head start!

Avery Products Corporation has teamed up with Universal Brand Development to launch two new collections of durable school and organization supplies featuring officially licensed Despicable Me & DreamWorks Trolls designs. Featuring vibrant colors and upbeat slogans on Avery binders, dividers, folders and glue sticks, these school essentials will help keep students organized and inspired. Everyone will be envious of these adorable supplies!

The Avery® Despicable Me Collection showcases the mischievous, banana-loving Minions on Avery binders, dividers, folders and glue sticks – equipping kids with the supplies they need to stay organized during the school year, and with fun Minion-themed designs to make the school year a blast. We LOVE these!

For those who use skate boards to travel to and from school, this is just awesome. Locker Board is a non-folding skateboard that fits inside a backpack! They are made from recycled decks with high-end custom wheels, trucks and steel bearings. Super awesome.

These are so darn cute that  you may want to get a set for yourself. They are adorable “punny” 2-piece notebook sets from The Neighborgoods. Your kids will love the “Avo Nice Day” “Get Figgy with it” while you can jot down notes in the “cheesy ideas” notebooks. And we love that the are printed using vegetable based ink and 100% wind energy!

Although summer break is over, you still need to protect your child’s skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Why not let your child’s sparkle come out! Seastar Sparkle SPF 50+ Party Cake with Rainbow Glitter provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and is PABA and Paraban free. Did I mention it smells delicious too? Oh, and check out the Glitter Kissed SPF 50+ Lipgloss with Glitter too!

For your little one, an adorable backpack and accessories are a necessity. We LOVE the Back To School Zoo Collection from Skip Hop. Your toughest decision will be which one to choose. We happen to adore the hippo but you can’t go wrong with any of these!

If your child is anxious or stressed, try this adorable puppy weighted lap pad. The weight of the Huggaroo plush puppy lap pad can lower your child’s anxiety and help induce a sense of calmness. This may also help your child focus on homework. The brown puppy is so adorable that your child will love this soft and snuggly (and helpful) friend!

We love washable pens so here are two of our favorites. The Take Note! Washable Gel Pens feature a smooth, streak-free gel formula and ergonomic, cushioned-grip while the Take Note! Erasable Highlighters have bright colors on one end, with clear ink tips on the other end to magically erase the colorful highlights. How cool is that??

When it comes to our zero waste lunchbox favorite – it’s U Konserve Nesting Trio. These reusable BPA-free stainless steel storage containers have leak-resistant plastic lids so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up spillage in the ‘ol lunchbox. They nest for easy storage which is AWESOME. The sizes are perfect for crackers, nuts, veggies and pretty much any snack.

We love recyclable containers for school lunches, but certain items really are better suited for a plastic baggy. Well, here’s a fabulous solution – Smelly Proof’s reusable and durable baggies. Not only can you wash them, but they are thicker than typical bags so they don’t tear and they keep food stay fresh longer (with no odor!).

Speaking of smelly, kids’ gym clothes and sports equipment aren’t going to keep that fresh new scent for long. To remedy this, we love Hex laundry detergent and Anti-Stink Spray to de-stink smelly clothes (while protecting the fabric) and deodorize cleats, yoga mats and pretty much any other stinky sports gear. Did we mention it’s also ecofriendly? You’re welcome.Tired of your child losing articles of clothing and don’t feel like ironing on name tags? Well, Mabel’s Labels just launched a new brilliant product. It’s a Custom Clothing Stamp! With one quick press of the pre-loaded with ink stamp, you can personalize shorts, shirts, socks and more in no time! No mess and no tags needed!

One of the downsides of back to school are those pesky germs. Luckily Clean Well makes a hand sanitizer that kills germs with no harsh chemicals that actually leaves your skin soft with a nice scent. NICE. Throw a 1 oz pocket-sized spray in your purse and your child’s backpack and keep those germs away!

It’s perfectly normal for your kids to have back-to-school jitters. Sometimes their nerves will keep them from getting a good night’s sleep. If this is the case, then check out  Oilogic essential oil roll-ons that can help your little one get the zz’s they need to succeed. Made with 100% natural ingredients (so no harsh chemicals), roll-on your child’s skin and the oil aroma will work it’s magic.

Nobody wants blackheads when they are headed to school so check out Bioré® Skincare’s new Limited Edition Citrus Crush Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. It’s a mouthful, but boy do they work! Infused with a citrus scent, these strips lift out deep-down grime, oil and blackheads from your pores. The strip fits perfectly on your nose to ensure no pores escape! Only available in-store through November, 2018.