‘Get Your Kid Off Electronics’ Must-Haves
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‘Get Your Kid Off Electronics’ Must-Haves

Summer is over for most kids but it doesn’t mean they don’t still have free time. I don’t know about you, but when my kids have a few minutes of downtime, the first thing they do is grab some sort of electronic device. Well, we found a few fun alternatives to keep the kids entertained and active.

‘Let’s go ride a bike’ – there’s nothing more fun than a good ‘ol bike ride. Little kids, big kids, adults – can all ride together. We love family bike rides, but we ran into the issue where my son was in-between bike sizes. The smallest adult bike didn’t fit him well and the large child bikes were too small. We LOVE the new Islabike Beinn 27 because it has 27.5″ wheels which fits his long legs but with an appropriate size frame. The bike is lightweight, 8-speed and really can help take your kid to the next level of cycling. If you have a 10+ yr old who is ready for a larger wheel size to gain the best riding advantage, then this is the bike for you! The toughest choice will be the hot red or cool blue color!

Looking for an awesome toy that will compete with the allure of electronics? You’ll LOVE Modarri cars. They are customizable, durable and let your kids’ imagination run wild. These cars fuel creativity as kids can design and build their own dream car! They can choose the wheels, suspension, fenders, hood, frame, colors and more! The coolest thing about these cars is that you drive them with your finger! Think figure 8s, wheelies and any tricks your child can think of. This is definitely a toy that we parents actually enjoy playing with! This is a definitely a must-have toy.

Crayons are fun for all but this cool Crayon Melter takes creativity to the next level. In less than a minute, your kids can liquefy Crayola crayons and make fabulous designs on a variety of surfaces like chalk, wood, glass and canvas. Melt different colors and use drip art to add detail to drawings, sculptures or just about any arts and crafts project!