Get Fit While You Sit Must-Haves
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Get Fit While You Sit Must-Haves

Do you sit way too long at your desk? Do your kids play too many video games sitting in a chair?

We found two nifty products that can help burn calories and improve posture while you or your kids type away at your computer or engage in other typically sedentary activities.

The FlexiSpot Bike V9 combines work and fitness like you’ve never seen before! Award-winning design of part exercise bike and part standing desk lets you exercise while you are typing at your computer, filing, writing thank you notes, literally anything you do at a desk. The adjustable seat makes this bike comfortable and the stability of it ensures that nothing on your desk will move or fall off. For all crazy busy parents out there – this allows multitasking at its finest. Working out and getting bills paid simultaneously is ah-mazing! Definitely leaves more time to do other things on your to-do list. Seriously brilliant!

Another amazing new way to sit is via the ErgoErgo. Instead of passively sitting in a chair (and let’s be honest, our posture is not at its best doing this), on ErgoErgo, your core muscles engage, your spin achieves a natural curve, your legs stretch as you ‘actively sit’. Not only do these ‘chairs’ brighten up any room with their fun colors, healthy sitting can increase concentration and productivity and even reduce back pain. ErgoErgo is also super comfy for pregnant women as it relieves back tilt which reduces stress on the lumbar region. Oh, and kids LOVE them.