‘Bad Moms’ Teaches Us It’s Okay To Not Be A Good Mom All The Time
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‘Bad Moms’ Teaches Us It’s Okay To Not Be A Good Mom All The Time

Bad Moms is a hilarious comedy about dealing with the pressures of contemporary motherhood and trying to be ‘supermom.’ This movie is from Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (writers of the Hangover movies) so it definitely has crass humor and pushes the envelope (but in a good way).

Amy (Mila Kunis) is a young mom of two tweens who attempts to do it all and then one day has enough and basically quits. With the help of her two new buddies, Carla, the oversexed single mom  and KiKi, the throwback housewife from way back when, Amy learns to let loose but also important lessons about herself and motherhood. Carla, played by Kathryn Hahn, is hilarious. Her comedic timing is perfect and most of her lines are laugh out loud funny. Kristen Bell does an incredible job of playing a meek stay-at-home mom who learns to stand up for herself.

The theme of this movie hits home since many of us moms are often overworked, under-appreciated and concerned that every decision we make is being judged.

My favorite part is the friendship between these three seemingly different women and the strength they get from each other. Motherhood is tough and we all know that it’s so much easier when we do it together. ‘Bad Moms’ is definitely a must-see and perfect for a girls night out!

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