Life Gets Easier When You Live By What You Believe
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Life Gets Easier When You Live By What You Believe

Inside each one of us lies our truth.  We know its presence, and when we live by our truth, an ease of flow begins to happen.  We are carried in happiness and feel more joy in our lives.  Whenever we step outside of our truth- when our actions don’t match our beliefs- we encounter more resistance and struggle.  As if our inner true essence is being stifled, creating suffering.

Often, we know what we believe in, but we aren’t staying true to ourselves. 

We believe we should spend time playing with our children each day.  When we don’t, we suffer emotionally.  We believe we should listen.  When we don’t, we create inner conflict.  We believe we should spend quality time with our spouse or significant other, and when we don’t, our relationship suffers.

Much of our struggles in life come from not living by our beliefs.  Our beliefs are there to guide us and keep us on the path of love, compassion, and forgiveness.  Often we choose to walk through the thorny bushes suffering painful pricks.  Bleeding from the inside out all because we didn’t stay true to ourselves.

Your truth, your beliefs speak to you in soft whispers, or a feeling that overcomes your body. 

Many times, feelings are the true indication of your belief- not the noisy words crashing through your head.  We forget to listen to ourselves.  We don’t align with our truth by forming bad habits that we struggle to get out of.  We suffer addictions.  Food addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, approval addiction, all going against our truth and causing a cycle of pain.

When we know we should say no, but keep responding yes for fear of approval and acceptance, we are not listening to our truth.

Today, remember your truth is the one worth fighting for and believing in!  We must seek our own acceptance not that of others.  If we live by what we believe, the world becomes our oyster, and we stop seeking outside approval that only leads to suffering, and extinguishing of our light.

Each time your actions don’t match your truth, don’t align with your beliefs, you suffer the difference.  

Happiness comes from listening quietly to your own heart.  Happiness comes from self-acceptance. Happiness comes when your actions stay true to your beliefs.

The next time you experience inner conflict ask yourself – am I staying true to what I believe?

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