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Mothers Day Craft Projects for Kids

Many children enjoy making special craft for their moms on Mother’s Day. Making crafts allows them to put thought and love into a project. They are then rewarded when they present the craft to their mothers, who usually love it. Mother’s Day crafts can range from the simple, so that even very young children can make them, to more complex projects for older children.

Plate of Love

Choose a durable, thick paper plate. Help the child trace her hand onto the plate, then draw a line of white or hot glue around the outline of the hand. Have the child press macaroni elbows, dried beans, such as red lentils or pinto beans, or glitter into the glue outline, and then decorate the rest of the plate as she wishes. She can write “I love Mom” inside the hand or simply color it in. Make sure you write the year and “Mother’s Day” somewhere on the plate. Poke a hole in the top of the plate and thread a ribbon through, tying it in a loop, so Mom can hang the plate.

Coupon Card

The coupon card is the gift that keeps giving. It’s a project that is more suitable for older children, since it involves printing out a list of chores and then completing them. Help the child create an attractive coupon on the computer, listing chores he does not usually do, such as washing the windows, scrubbing the bathroom floor, or preparing breakfast in bed. At the top of the coupon, write something along the lines of “This card is good for one of the following:”, and then list the chores. Glue the print out to a piece of card stock or construction paper and have the child give it to his mother. When she wants to redeem it, she simply checks the chore of choice and presents it to him.

Beaded Necklace

Young children who no longer put small objects in their mouth can help make a personalized necklace or bracelet for Mom. Have the child pick out bright, plastic beads as well as letter beads. Thread the beads on a piece of elastic thread, making the bracelet or necklace big enough to stretch over Mom’s head or hand. The child can spell out “Mom” or “I Love You” on the necklace.

Pillowcase for Mom

Decorate a pillowcase for Mother’s Day. Give the child plenty of puffy fabric paints to draw on the open edge of the pillowcase as she wishes. If you know how to embroider, you can help even a young child stitch the word “Mom” onto the case. If sewing with a small child, make sure you use a dull, plastic needle. You can slide the pillowcase on Mom’s pillow on the big day, or use it as a slipcover to decorate the back of her chair at the dining table

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