Get Your Vitality Back with a Bedtime Routine
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Get Your Vitality Back with a Bedtime Routine

Life can wear on you. Stress builds, and you find yourself exhausted. You’re caring so much for others, but what about yourself?

When sleep deprived, I get cranky and sometimes feel down. I don’t handle situations, especially with the kids, the way I would like. When a lack of sleep builds for too long I start to feel stuck in a rut.

As parents we put so much effort into bed time routines with our children to ease them into sleep, but adults can benefit too! Bedtime routines are not just for kids. Try a quiet evening bath, or a caffeine-free herbal tea such as Nighty Night. Turn the lights down low and relax. Lull yourself to sleep with a routine that brings you comfort.

Sweet dreams & Happy Sleeping!

Your body + soul will feel revived.

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