5 Beautiful DIY Projects Made From Boring Household Items
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5 Beautiful DIY Projects Made From Boring Household Items

We all have things around the house that we’d like to throw
away. You know, that chipped pot you got from you grandma, the carpet that had
its glory days back in the ’90s or the old desktop computer you haven’t used in
ages but you still keep it in your workspace.

Now why don’t we throw them away, really?

It just might be that, deep down, we find it wasteful to just
abandon what we once found a good use for. We might even think that, given the
right context, those objects could be useful again, somehow.

With a little non-linear thinking, that just might be true.

Re-purposing has been a big DIY trend for some time and, if you
haven’t embraced it yet, you could start now. Take a look around your house and
make a list of what you want to throw out. Now browse our ideas below and start
thinking what you could do with your throwaways.

1. A New Lamp

You can make a new lamp out of almost anything — old jars and
bottles, kitchenware, porcelain bowls, cardboard, you name it.

Our favorite idea is getting a good old glass bottle with a
slight tint — blue or green – and filling it up with personal memories, like
letters or trinkets, then adding a lampshade to finish up.

The cool thing about this lamp is that it has a personal touch
and the glass reflects the light beautifully, creating a dreamy night time

Learn how to make it here.

2. A Vintage Shelf

We all have things around the house that our parents passed on
— an upholstered chair that doesn’t really work with the living room it sits
in, old painting, plates…

While we can’t part with them, we often want to integrate them
in our homes better. And this is where re-purposing comes in.An old chair can be
repainted a bright color to make it look more contemporary, while old plates
can be turned into many things – clocks, wall decor or jewelry.

Our favorite idea is the sled shelf. Partially cutting and
staining an old piece otherwise useless piece of wood can turn it into art. And
it turns out it’s not a complicated project either. It can hold magazines,
letters, plants, whatever you want it to.

Check out how it was done here.

3. Lightbulb Magic

We all have a bunch of old light bulbs around the house, just
waiting to be thrown away. With a little creative input, though, they can
become cool conversation starters in no time.

The light bulb is taking the DIY world by a storm. Think
terrariums, candle holders, jewelry, tree ornaments. Anything goes!

Our favorite idea is the light bulb vase, just because it’s so
versatile. You can hang them up for a suspended vase or you can fix them to a
wall. You can get three or more light bulbs and create a vase that’s
interesting and complex.

Find out how to hollow out a light bulb and how to make a bunch
of cool things out of it here

4. The Suitcase Conversion

Your grandparents probably traveled in style, with leather
suitcases that look and feel perfect. If you still have their luggage around
the house, it’s probably sitting somewhere in a corner.

But your family history deserves a better spot. This is why it’s
time to get your creative juices flowing and think up a plan.

Your options are pretty diverse – a suitcase can be easily
transformed in a sewing kit, an end table or a laptop stand.

This is our favorite: a mix of luggage and director’s chair
that works as a creative nightstand.

With a little help from your friends (or husband), you can give
your grandparents’ memorabilia the place it deserves.

More luggage DIY ideas and tutorials, here

5. Turn Old Clothes Into New Pillows

Don’t throw that dress out if it’s got sentimental value. Keep
it as a new item – a decorative pillow case, an iphone pouch, a vest for your
kid (or dog), even a wall piece.

Our favorite idea is the ever so practical pillow case simply
because you’re probably never going to find a print like that in the home decor
department. You won’t have the dress anymore, but you’ll have the memory, and
that’s close enough.

Read some more ideas for clothing re-purposing here.

Now go out there and get creative. You don’t need to throw out,
you just need to think creatively and get those scissors ready.

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