The Best BlackBerry Games
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The Best BlackBerry Games

Aside from its powerful functions such as mobile email connection and office tools and software, the BlackBerry has a fun side to it as well. Access games and entertainment features on your BlackBerry while relaxing from a hard day’s work. Download some of the best BlackBerry games available and mix business with fun and pleasure.

Bubble Army

In “Bubble Army,” each player gets a group of bubbles; each bubble contains a number of armies. To win, you need to conquer all neutral and enemy bubbles without losing all of your armies. Easy to master, the levels in “Bubble Army” increase in difficulty to make the game more interesting and challenging. “Bubble Army” features multiple AI — artificial intelligence — players that allow you to have more players on your side. The game also allows you to replay the last battle. Developed by Second Gear Games, you can purchase Bubble Army online for $2.99 as of 2010.


“Snake” is one of the first games ever made for cell phones. Use your BlackBerry keys to control the snake’s direction, guide it toward point pickups and help it avoid eating itself. Your snake is small in the beginning. Catch coins, which turn into points, to make your snake bigger. As your snake grows longer, it gets harder to maneuver. This game consists of 32 different rounds to complete, four different worlds and four different bosses to kill. Avoid letting the snake run into itself or go out of the screen; either will end the game. Licensed by Applicod, “Snake” is available for download for $0.99 as of 2010; free downloads of “Snake” are sometimes available.


In “Tetris,” the challenge is to stack blocks and score as many complete lines as you can. You need to position various block shapes at increasing speeds as they come down your board. Clear your board as fast as you can to accommodate incoming blocks. In “Ultra” mode, you will race against a two-minute clock to clear forty lines as quickly as you can. Developed by Electronics Arts, you can download Tetris free for $4.99 as of 2010; free downloads are sometimes available.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and a BlackBerry owner’s challenger on the road. “Bejeweled” follows in the footsteps of “Tetris.” The game board for “Bejeweled” consists of assorted jewel stones. Your task is to eliminate as many jewels as you can before time runs out by stringing together three or more identical jewels to score. More scores will earn more bonuses. Licensed by Electronic Arts, “Bejeweled” is available for download online for $4.99 as of 2010.

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