How to Wear a Support Bra for Support
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How to Wear a Support Bra for Support

Support bras are more than a convenience. They make exercise more comfortable, and therefore, more efficient. Whether you enjoy running, aerobics or competitive sports, sports bras can affect your performance. If you feel supported and comfortable in the bra you are wearing, you are more likely to work out longer and harder. If you experience pain, you probably stop pretty quickly. Help yourself and reach your goals by choosing and wearing a sports bra that works for you.

Step 1

Put on a support bra you own or are considering buying.

Step 2

Lean forward and reach your hand up into your bra. Pull all your breast tissue into it. Since your breasts move in all directions during your sport, make sure they are all tucked into the bra.

Step 3

Look at yourself in the mirror. If a breast peeks out the top or bottom, you may need another need a bigger bra. Your breasts need to be supported, so be sure they fit in your bra securely.

Step 4

Jump around and run in place. Even if you are in a fitting room, use that space to act out some of the activities you do during your favorite sport. Be vigorous about it. If your breasts are fully supported, you won’t feel pain. If you do, you may need a smaller size or a bra with specific support points.

Step 5

Pull on the elastic, specifically in the back, on the straps and on the bottom of an older sports bra. If the bra responds to the tugging without bouncing back, the elastic may be wearing out. When the elastic starts to be compromised, you can wear your bra under a tank top with a shelf or built-in bra. When the elastic completely goes, discard the bra and get a new one.

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