Birthday Party Ideas for Teen Girls
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Birthday Party Ideas for Teen Girls

Teen girl birthday parties typically reflect the girl’s interests, hobbies and tastes, as well as those of her friends. However, parents also want the party to fall within the realm of good taste and have a positive atmosphere. Plan a teenage birthday party that offers something surprising or different–whether it features a special theme or centers around a specific activity.


Teenagers enjoy parties that mix socializing with play. Celebrate teenage birthdays with activities, such as a murder mystery game, a beach bonfire, a homemade spa party, a Hollywood glam event with movies and Oscar awards, or a dance contest. Classic teenage girl parties include slumber parties and coed Sweet 16 events. Consider an extreme sports party, such as laser tag, paintball or rock climbing, or a not-so-extreme sports party at the miniature golf course or the bowling alley.


They may be teenagers, but the girls still appreciate many of the trappings of traditional birthday parties. Decorate the party space with balloons, streamers, sequins and bows, but give it a glam look with saturated colors, lots of metallic adornments or party lights. Plan a soundtrack of popular and retro songs that inspire dancing and singalongs. Replace the traditional birthday cake with a tower of cupcakes and a toppings bar that allow guests to customize their desserts. Rather than have the same old gift-giving, host a pirate gift exchange where everyone brings an item to exchange or steal from one another.


Teen birthday parties should reflect the guest of honor’s preferences. Incorporate sports, hobbies, pets or favorite places into the party’s theme and decorations. A surfer will appreciate a beach theme party while a crafty teenage girl will enjoy tables set up with art, craft or sewing supplies for decorating jewelry boxes or adding trims to jeans or T-shirts. Design a scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, charades game, singalong, Pictionary game or trivia contest, based on the guest of honor’s favorite topics or life experiences.

Time Frame

Unlike parties for children, birthday parties for teenagers can last several hours or incorporate a sleepover. Even teenagers get tired, however, so vary the pace by projecting a movie on a sheet in the backyard or having the girls do a cooking or art project. Have the girls act out a movie or choreograph a dance.


Left to their own devices, some teenage girls might plan parties that exceed your budget and energy. In general, give your teenage girl the power to determine the timing, general guest list and theme of the party, but make budgeting and shopping for the party your domain.

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