Brooke Burke: What I’ve Learned This Year. My Words To Live By
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Brooke Burke: What I’ve Learned This Year. My Words To Live By

We all need a little inspiration, thought provoking one-liners and words of wisdom. I get mine from celebrated authors, music, poetry, and cherished girlfriends. Let’s not forget social media and the re-tweetable moments that make us think, laugh and share.

Here’s my what I learned this year -my girlfriends guide to staying true to myself.

1. Be your own best friend, treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

2. Most everyone’s opinion is none of YOUR business.

3. Keep your personal promises; making and keeping a self commitment keeps you moving forward.

4. Be honest with yourself.

5. Take a tech break. Life is so much more that just a picture.

6. Thank You are the most 2 powerful words I know.

7. “Act as if” – Moll Anderson’s best BFF advice EVER! Play the part and it will become real!

8. Don’t text and drive, #ItCanWait

9. Get addicted to heath and fitness.

10. Color makes me happy. Bright fresh flowers dictate a happy mood in my home. Colorful wardrobe brightens my mood.

11. Be a good friend. What comes around, goes around.

12. Pray. Faith saves me time and time again.

13. Love has a taste. Put you heart and soul into cooking for your loved ones.

14. When life gets blurry, clean your lens.

15. Have faith. If you believe, you can achieve.

16. Eliminate negative thoughts from you inner dialogue.

17. Find laughter in the face of challenge.

18. Learn one dance routine. We all have a private dancer inside us.

19. Know how to train like an athlete.

20. You need to feel it to heal it #SuperSoulSunday.

Bonus thought…..Age is a state of mind, not a number.

These are my summer words to live by. Try every day to only have positive thoughts.

Happy Summer

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