How To Speak Couponese – Abbreviations and Their Meanings
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How To Speak Couponese – Abbreviations and Their Meanings

Couponing has its own language, and if you are just starting out you know what I mean!  Go to any popular coupon website these days and you will see things like RP, SS, MFR. At this point, you might be wondering just what you have gotten yourself into.

Well, today I am here to shine a little light on all those strange letters. I’ll break it down so you will be in the know and can be successful at couponing!

Here is a list of abbreviations and their meanings:

Coupon Companies:

RP – This stands for Redplum, a coupon distributor.  You can find their coupons in your Sunday newspaper, online or in your mailbox.

SS – This stands for SmartSource, another coupon distributor.  Like Redplum, you will find their coupons in your Sunday newspaper and online.

P&G – This stands for Proctor & Gamble. Normally about once a month they will have their own coupon insert in Sunday newspapers.

MFR – This stands for Manufacturers Coupon, meaning coupons like the ones mentioned above, as opposed to store coupons.  Stores like Target have their own store coupons that you can print from their website.  You can usually purchase one product and use both a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon for the double the savings!

Other Terms:

BOGO – This stands for Buy 1 Get 1, meaning a coupon where you buy an item and receive another one for free.

YMMV – This stands for Your Mileage May Very.  When a website is sharing a great deal you might come across this term.  It basically means that although one person has found a great deal at their store, you may or might not find the exact prices at your store.

MIR – This stands for mail-in rebate.  Some people just love these and the money they save from completing them.  Just be careful to fill them out correctly and send all the information they are requesting.

So, now you can speak Couponese!  I hope that you take a minute to bookmark all of the links I have shared because with a little printer ink you can save a lot of money just by printing coupons!  And last but not least, if you come across a term and are not sure what it stands for, leave me a comment and I will let you know.



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