Top 100 British Baby Names
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Top 100 British Baby Names

Like much of the rest of the world, British baby names are influenced by tradition, religion and family history. Many of the most popular names have been favorites for decades, loved generation after generation. Popular culture has a large influence, however, and names that come and go from the top 100 list are often those influenced by events and people living in a specific time period.

Top 10

Traditional names, including many belonging to members of the royal family, hold the highest spots among British baby names. Although some switch places on the list, and a few cycle in and out, many of those in the top 10 have stayed there for generations. Ranking in the top 10 most popular names for boys are Jack, Oliver, Charlie, Harry, Alfie, Thomas, Joshua, William, James and Daniel. The 10 most popular names for girls are Olivia, Ruby, Sophie, Chloe, Emily, Grace, Jessica, Lily, Amelia and Evie.

10 through 25

Like the top 10, many of the names ranking 10 through 25 are traditional and have been popular for decades. While somewhat influenced by pop culture, these names tend to be tried and true. Although they may move up or down in ranking, they tend to reappear year after year. For boys, these names are 10 through 25 in popularity: George, Ethan, Lewis, Max, Lucas, Dylan, Archie, Joseph, Jacob, Samuel,

Liam, Callum, Oscar, Jayden and Logan. For girls, the list includes Mia, Lucy, Ava, Ella, Charlotte, Amy, Daisy, Katie, Megan, Summer, Ellie, Isabella, Holly, Millie and Poppy.

25 through 50

Names ranked between 25 and 50 in popularity tend to be more heavily influenced by celebrities, children of celebrities, books, music and movies than names higher on the list. Some of these names may disappear from the top 100 list as cultural influences change, while others reappear regularly. Boys’ names ranging between 25 and 50 in popularity are Ryan, Jake, Tyler, Riley, Luke, Harvey, Ben, Adam, Alexander, Benjamin, Leo, Matthew, Noah, Connor, Alex, Jamie, Harrison, Mason, Cameron, Owen, Henry, Nathan, Finley, Aaron and Freddie. Girls names include Freya, Erin, Isla, Isobelle, Hannah, Emma, Brooke, Molly, Phoebe, Eva, Leah, Naomi, Abigail, Sophia, Imogen, Maisie, Scarlett, Lexi, Jasmine, Lola, Layla, Isabel, Lauren, Amber and Madison.

50 through 75

Many names on the lower half of the list are variations of traditionally popular names. For example, in some years, the name “Samuel” might rank 51st, and in other years, “Sam” takes over that position. Names for boys ranked 50 through 75 are Isaac, Sam, Finlay, Theo, Harley, Aiden, Toby, Edward, Rhys, Michael, Evan, Kyle, Leon, Reece, David, Kai, Ashton, Bailey, Kian, Louis, Taylor, Hayden, Brandon, Joe and Jay. Girls’ names placing 50 through 75 in popularity are Matilda, Elizabeth, Bethany, Sienna, Rosie, Anna, Gracie, Paige, Alice, Caitlin, Georgia, Avery, Rebecca, Lacey, Anne, Faith, Libby, Tia, Keira, Daphne, Niamh, Skye, Nicole, Laura and Sarah.

75 through 100

Like others in the top 100, names ranked 75 through 100 tend to be a combination of traditional names and those influenced by pop culture, but the popularity of these names comes and goes over time. Ranking 75 through 100 for boys: Luca, Kayden, Ewan, Joel, Sebastian, Zac, Ellis, Josh, Aidan, John, Billy, Zak, Bradley, Kieran, Blake, Christopher, Morgan, Caleb, Louie, Andrew, Bobby, Gabriel, Robert, Elliot and Jude. Girls include Zoe, Eleanor, Amelie, Julia, Eve, Maya, Tilly, Zara, Martha, Almeda, Samantha, Darcy, Abbie, Victoria, Heidi, Alexandra, Taylor, Miley, Kayla, Mya, Lydia, Florence, Evelyn, Rose and Courtney.

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