Start Stockpiling for Christmas
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Start Stockpiling for Christmas

So, stockpiling is a word that has been used a lot lately when it comes to using coupons when grocery shopping.  Extreme Couponing shows people with an entire room of stockpiled grocery goods.  What if we take that concept, tweek it some and stockpile for Christmas?

It seems like so many people have lost the love of the holiday because they worry about finding the right gift, usually at the last minute, and they go into debt doing so.  If we could instead shop throughout the year and get presents when the prices make for an awesome deal, we would not be in debt and we could enjoy our family and friends in December 🙂

I have a container in my garage (do not tell my family this) that I fill with presents throughout the year.  It is almost as much fun for me to open it and remember what I have gotten and at what great prices, as it is for those opening the presents on Christmas day.

So, here are my tips for stockpiling for Christmas:

Storage Is Key

Have a place to put it all. Whether that be a large container that blends in with other containers (get the drift), a closet, a cedar chest or under the bed, make sure you have some place to store all of your great deals!

Start Early

Seriously, start shopping the day after Christmas. You can imagine how much merchandise a store purchases during the holidays.  Now they need to get rid of it and the deals are awesome!  You can actually take this concept and do it for any holiday.  Buy Valentine’s Day chocolate the day after and then use it for Easter!  It is all about when to get the best deal.

Don’t Procrastinate

If you see a great deal but think it will be on sale again, do not bet on it.  If you have the extra money get it then!

Daily Deal Sites

One new way of shopping that I love are daily deal sites!  They have some amazing gift cards deals.  Sites like Groupon, Saveology, Living Social, Dealster and all have wonderful deals.  They have regional and national deals.  Usually the gift card deals are considered national deals so you can mail them to friends and family in other states.  Of course with any deal, you will want to read all the details, make sure that it will not expire before the holidays and make sure your recipient will be able to use it at a store near them. Some of my favorite deals are movie theater deals, restaurant deals or even deals for purchases on websites.  Another thing to consider is that many of these sites will give you a credit of $3 to $10 just for signing up.  You can then use that credit to get an item even cheaper! Website Deal of the Day offers are also a great way to get a deal.  Walmart, Target and many other websites all have daily deals.  Target even offers free shipping on all of their daily deals.


Do I dare say it…..regift.  If you have received a gift during the holidays, birthday etc. and it just does not speak to you, but it in your stockpile. Just remember who gave it to you 🙂

Go Bargain-Hunting

Thrift Stores, Dollar Stores & Garage Sales – Talk about a deal – all three of these locations can get you amazing gifts at great prices.  I love finding an item at a thrift store and then reinventing it or making a one of a kind gift.

Have another holiday cost cutting idea?  Share it with us 🙂

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