Today, I Won’t Take You For Granted!
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Today, I Won’t Take You For Granted!

Last night, as I laid my head down for bed a thought came over me – often I take my kids for granted. That keeps me from fully appreciating the miracle that they are.

It was a long and exhausting bedtime routine, as they sometimes are. I was looking forward too much to them being asleep instead of enjoying the moment fully with them.

When I watch my son read, slowly attempting to sound out each word, and when I hear my daughter’s imagination at work as she adds a mixture of her own words to the ones she recalls from a book, I am in awe of how adorable they are. Children are precious angels here to be with us. Here to teach us. I never want to lose sight of that!

In my mind, I thought about the possibility of hanging a sign around them that says- I never want to take you for granted! That way each time I look at them I will be completely conscious of what a miracle, a true gift they are, even when I’m tired, even when I’m exhausted, even when I don’t feel like saying one more time “Remember to flush the potty!” The fact is, my children are a miracle all of the time, and they deserve the best of me 100% of the time. At the very least the feeling of warm love and kindness emanating from my soul to theirs.

I truly believe our lives are meant to be enjoyed. That God wants the best for us if we just allow that to happen instead of fighting life or trying to force it.

Children see life as a playground and so should we. We can only see clearly when we stop taking things for granted, especially people and nature.


Let’s be aware today and not take the gifts for granted.


With Love ?

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