No Need for an Alarm Clock… I Have Children!
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No Need for an Alarm Clock… I Have Children!

It is extremely early in the morning. The sound of thumping coming from the ceiling above abruptly awakes me. I hope it’s just a fluke- the wind, perhaps a large truck that happens to be passing by our house on a tiny suburban street. The clock may say 6:30am, but my body is certain it’s just after midnight.

The banging and thumping continue. If you have never been in my home you’d be certain I housed a herd of elephants. Here in my house in Northern Idaho, a herd of elephants = 2 children awake and bouncing around cheerfully upstairs.

Lately, I’ve been really working on my telepathy. I’m certain it’s a skill that can be picked up with some practice. I send my children a mental message to GO BACK TO BED! That’s the best I can do for now. I don’t dare go up there. I’m feeling WAY too grouchy and unpleasant.

Either the telepathic message doesn’t reach them, or it does and they just don’t care. Either way, they continue on their mission to come downstairs via following through the ceiling.

I close my eyes, and roll over. I try to pretend that it is OK- I can go back to sleep for at least a few more minutes. That’s when the bedroom door flings open with a large force crashing into the wall! The kids removed the doorstops long ago.

A little light dances around the room and before I know it the light is pointed directly in my eye. “Never point that in someone’s eye,” I say. “You could blind them!”

Behind the light is my little girl. As she smiles, she gently tips her head to the side and in the sweetest voice you have ever heard- the voice of a young angel- she says, “Thank you for loving me, Mama.” Followed by an adorable, sweet little girl kiss.

As I can feel my heart melting and dripping all over the floor, the door crashes into the wall again…

“Mom! She was scared to come downstairs in the dark and wake you up so I gave her my flashlight! Isn’t that nice of me?”

I wonder, is it ever too early in the morning for praise?

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