New Puppy Parent Anxiety
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New Puppy Parent Anxiety

Several months ago, I posted that my children were lobbying for a dog. I got great feedback, tips and opinions from dog lovers and haters alike.

Many, many months have passed and much thought has been put into the topic, and all the while my children have campaigned. What did this campaign look like? Well, there were many different projects and presentations involved.

First off, they did a lot of research. They found the perfect breed for a family of our size and one that could handle the activity and chaos. I was quite concerned that our home life would not suit many dogs, and given that this would be our first one ever, had to consider both what would be a realistic fit for us and kindest fit for the dog. Every family has their own considerations and does what is best for them. As mama, that is how I approached this decision.

Once they agreed on a suitable breed, the tough bargaining began. There were  PowerPoint presentations, evidence of responsible behavior everywhere I looked, and last Saturday, I woke up to 50 drawings of dogs hung up all over the house. Friends, teachers, cousins and the man on the street all got pulled into the puppy campaign.

My daughter finally said something that hit home for me when she said “I don’t know what else we can do to prove that we are ready and responsible enough for a dog.”She was right. The youngest child is almost four and they all have no issues picking up dog poop. I explained that it was a decision bigger than what they felt ready for, which of course she understood.

In the end we held a family meeting where Daddy-o and I explained the terms and conditions of getting a dog. It was one of those moments I wish I had videoed. There were tears and screams coming out of all six little bodies.

And so, it looks as though we will soon have a new member of our family. For some reason the thought of bringing home a baby dog is far more daunting than bringing home a baby human.

Please share positive and encouraging comments about your puppy experiences! I need some support here!

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