15 Sweet and Simple Ways to Express Your Love on V-Day
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15 Sweet and Simple Ways to Express Your Love on V-Day

Showing your special guy that you care doesn’t have to involve fancy dinners or pricey gifts. Everybody’s a little budget-conscious these days and there’s no reason why a romantic Valentine’s Day together should break the bank. Here are some simple, romantic, sexy and effective ways to show your man you love him.

1. Give him a full-body massage.
2. Create a bubble bath, light candles…and hop in with him!
3. Make him his very favorite dish (or, when all else fails, go for some steak!)
4. Give him a list of "10 Reasons Why I Love You."
5. Surprise him with some lingerie…or better yet, nothing at all.
6. Take a drive on a scenic route.
7. Send him sexy, sweet texts throughout the day.
8. Bake him a cake (even from a box) and write a romantic message in frosting. Try Devil’s Food chocolate cake, chocolate frosting with red letters!
9. Print a bunch of pics of the two of you together and put them in a small album as a gift, or get in touch with your creative side and make a scrapbook.
10. Go to a park and watch the sunset together.
11. Place a sweet note in your lover’s lunchbox.
12. Make him a CD with his favorite songs. Add in some love songs to listen to together.
13. Make love coupons. Get creative, like "Total control of the remote for one night"…or something naughtier, if you prefer.
14. Make him breakfast in bed.
15. Do the chores he hates doing that day (ie. washing dishes, taking the trash out).

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