3 Cheap, Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day
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3 Cheap, Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

If money is tight this year, spending a fortune on V-day gifts is totally unrealistic. You shouldn’t have to break the bank when choosing a gift for your man, and likewise, he doesn’t need to empty out his wallet to get you roses, diamonds or an expensive dinner. Here are a few creative ways to spend Valentine’s Day that won’t make you cringe as you fork over that hard-earned cash.

1. Pamper Your Partner

So what if you can’t afford that spa day? Try creating a spa at home! Grab some sensual oils and start massaging your man. Then, light some scented candles, open up a bottle of red wine and slip into a bubble bath together. Relax and enjoy each other.

2. Picnic at Home

If set-priced restaurants on Valentine’s Day turn you off, then try a romantic dinner at home. We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so try to cook his favorite meal. Even if you’ve never made it before and it doesn’t come out perfect, he will appreciate the effort! Instead of eating at the dinner table, throw down a comfy blanket and dine on the floor for a romantic change — maybe even near a roaring fire. Use elegant dinner plates so it doesn’t feel cheesy. Chill some champagne, serve strawberries to bring out the champagne’s flavor and you’re in for a memorable night.

3. Surprise Him with Sexy Lingerie

Another way to a man’s heart (well, maybe not his heart per say) is with S-E-X. Yes, he’s probably expecting it on V-Day, but what he won’t be expecting is a new piece of lingerie that makes you look and feel sexier than ever. That will definitely get the motor running. Also, try to make the night about him for a change. Spend more time on his needs and yes, that might mean doing that thing he loves. He’ll feel like the luckiest man alive, believe me.

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