Let’s Craft: Turn Old Clothes Into New Pot Holders!
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Let’s Craft: Turn Old Clothes Into New Pot Holders!

Is your attic full of old clothes? Learn how to turn your worn-out clothing into patchwork squares – perfect for quilting or even to use as potholders!

Submitted by Cheri Majors, here’s a great tutorial for crafters of any skill level:


Start by gathering your garments and laying them out on a flat surface. Then measure across and down to fit an equal number of patchwork squares.

Cut all the way across the fabric hem, creating squares (mine were 10 1/2 inches square) allowing for a 1/4 inch seam around all 4 sides.

Measure and cut the second row into the same size squares. (Note -because of pattern variance, your squares may have different floral patterns.)

After you’ve cut out all your squares, iron them flat. Then cut up another item to use for padding (I cut up an old dress).

Cut the padding into squares about an inch smaller than the colorful patchwork patterns, and lay them onto the wrong side of the patchwork squares.

Iron the seam edges up and over the padding all the way around. Then pin the edging in place around the entire square.

Add the top patchwork square over the padding and pin all four sides to the back patchwork edges. Iron the corners in place, if necessary (to prevent extra bulk).

Machine or hand stitch into place using a simple whip stitch (easy for kids to do, as demonstrated by my son) and sew a piece of scrap cord into one corner for easy hanging.

Ta da! You’ve got an easy scrap pot holder, or a colorful quilting square.


Cheri Majors is a former model/actress who changed careers and college degrees to care for more than 70 special-needs foster children, while earning a Master’s degree in Human Sciences & Early Childhood Education.


Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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