Let Kids Get Creative With These Play-Date Candy Cups
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Let Kids Get Creative With These Play-Date Candy Cups

In a quest to create personalized candy bars, we invented Candy Cups.


This is a simple kid-friendly activity that is perfect for a play date, a birthday party, or a lazy Saturday afternoon. And all of the ingredients you will need may already be in your kitchen.

The best part is that Mom gets to choose the inclusions – so you can steer your children towards berries, dried fruit, and granola if you prefer. (If you have older children, this may not be so easy.*)

Our kids loved the freedom to sprinkle a little of this and that in their designated cups. When they participate, it’s rewarding to see the twinkle in their eye while they eat their creations.

*Note to self: We made the mistake of taking the kids and their friends to the market to purchase the ingredients. Along with the fruit came Lucky Charms, Oreos, and other not-so-healthy stuff. We threw caution to the wind and allowed for an unrestricted play-day “event” to remember.

You will need:

24 ounces of chocolate (any kind)
Inclusions or add-ins (see below)

Add-in inclusions: Use your imagination…

Healthier: Berries, dried fruit, granola, nuts or seeds

Kid Crazy: Lucky Charms, pretzels, Oreos, white chocolate chips, mini-chocolate chips, Red Hots, butterscotch chips, M&M’s, caramel, mini marshmallows and sprinkles for flair

Seasonal: Pumpkin seeds, candy googly eyes, or gummy worms for Halloween

Gourmet: Chili powder, nut clusters, toffee bits, granola, flax seeds, graham crackers and biscotti


Prepare a workspace in advance, as you will have to work quickly once the chocolate melts.

Place your add-in ingredients in small individual bowls on a flat work surface. You may want to lay down parchment paper, wax paper, a kitchen towel, or newspaper if you are into mess-prevention.

Place a large 12-cup muffin pan or a small 24-cup muffin pan at your workstation. We prefer to use paper-baking cups so that the kids may transport their Candy Cups home, but if you do not, spray the baking pans with non-stick spray and set aside.

Place your chocolate in a medium size glass or other microwave safe bowl. Microwave the chocolate on medium-high for two minutes.

Carefully remove the bowl (it will be hot) and stir the chocolate. Microwave again in 45-second increments until chocolate is very soft and almost melted.

Remove the bowl and stir vigorously until the chocolate is completely melted.

Bring the chocolate to the workstation. Use a teaspoon to scoop the chocolate and drip it into the cup so that it is 1/4 to 1/3 full. Repeat this process until all the baking cups are filled. Step aside and let the kids go crazy. Just walk away and shut your eyes, listening to the glee and laughter, and trying not to think about the mess being created.

When the hubbub of activity has simmered down, assume all the candy cups have been filled and open your eyes. While the kids scrub the chocolate from their fingers and faces, place the baking pans in the refrigerator for one hour to set. Remove trays and consume.

Sugar Mommas Note: Because we bake A LOT, we have bits of various chocolates here and there. This was the perfect recipe to throw it all together. We combined every kind of chocolate – milk, dark, extra noir, semi-sweet – in one bowl and ZAP! Think of the chocolate as the base, or vehicle to drive the fun, crazy, kooky inclusions right into your mouth.

Sass it up! Go super snazzy and swirl white and dark chocolate together in the candy cup (melt each separately, then drizzle into cup and swirl). Then add your inclusions on top.

Modern Variation: Forego the typical cupcakes and serve Candy Cups. These are great party favors or seasonal candies to make any party festive. Use baking sheets with designs such as mini hearts, acorns, or candy-canes.

Bonus! You can make these Candy Cups Gluten free by using only chocolate and Gluten-free add-ins.

Happy Baking! 

The Sugar Mommas

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