Real Men Wear Pink!
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Real Men Wear Pink!

If you watched any football last Sunday, you probably noticed a lot of pink on the field. Coaches were wearing pink ribbons and pink hats. Players suited up in pink shoes and pink gloves. Even the referees joined in this year, with pink whistles to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Since 2009, the NFL has teamed up with the American Cancer Society and “gone pink” to promote breast cancer awareness every October. 

It’s a brilliant marketing campaign, since more and more women have started to watch football and buy NFL gear for themselves.

But, the true purpose of the partnership is to raise money and awareness for this worthy cause. Now, you might be thinking…. Do NFL players really care about fighting breast cancer?  But guess what – they do care, and they SHOULD!

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals lost his mother back in 2003, and is “proud to wear pink.”  Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre’s wife Deanna, is a breast cancer survivor.  

Think of all the great moms, sisters, aunts, and wives standing behind these NFL sports stars. Players take part in the campaign every year to show support for a cause that is so important to the women in their lives and throughout the world. 

Last year, “A Crucial Catch” campaign  raised over a million dollars, and served as a critical reminder to get annual screenings and check-ups. The effort is back and hopes for even more success this season. 

 Not only are the players adding pink to their uniform, the NFL gives you a way to show your support this October by selling really cute “Pink” gear for you!!  Usually, I’m not that into the pink gear they offer, but this season there are tons of cute stuff that I want. I just bought a pink Eagles Yoga Mat last night!

Here are some of my other favorites: 

I love the colors black and pink, and just add your favorite team logo for a very cute work out shirt! The slogan, “A Crucial Catch,” will hopefully provide a mental reminder for women to make sure they get regular mammograms.

Who doesn’t love a tumbler?! If you’re not a fan of any particular team, but want to support a great cause – this is a cute and practical way to show your NFL love!

This cute knit hat is perfect for those cold end-of-the-season games. A great stocking stuffer for you or that NFL fan in your life! (Wink, wink Mom!)

Wear your team’s colors on your nails this season!!! (I had this idea, ugh!) 

This water bottle is perfect for busy moms on the go. Plus the hook is great for clipping it to your stroller!

For the full line of gear that promotes breast cancer awareness, visit

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