How To Keep The Romance Alive: Don’t Skip The Sexercise!
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How To Keep The Romance Alive: Don’t Skip The Sexercise!

As time goes by, romance often turns into pure friendship, especially in long-term relationships. But you can keep the romance alive – it’s not as impossible as it may seem. Just remember that your relationship needs constant maintenance (yes, it does require work, just like your paycheck or your abs).

Studies show that couples and individuals who are relationship-focused and romance-oriented tend to make their relationship a “centerpiece” of their lives. By doing this, they motivate each other to spend more time enhancing it in a positive way.

If you put the time in, all that valuable work will pay off in a big way! Start today – jumpstart your love life with these “easy to follow” alterations:

  • Long term relationships bring great comfort and they’re an excellent way to boost to our sense of security, but how do we fight the dreaded routine? Try being innovative – both in bed and out. Anything that will infuse excitement while maintaining each other’s esteem and confidence is a GO!


  • Sexy lovers integrate desire into everyday life: pre-sex tension and post-sex afterglow are just as exciting as the actual “whoopee!” Flirt before and caress after. This way you are maintaining a “sexy mood” while avoiding a clear cut “start and finish!”


  • DO argue. It may sound strange, but if you don’t deal with problems or issues that emerge in your relationship or love life, you’re enhancing any discomfort that might surface instead of resolving matters. Explain your feelings and give your partner a chance to respond. Make a decision regarding the best solution for both of you. And hey, make up sex can’t hurt!


  • Life changes us – age, physical and mental status, use of medication and many other factors all affect our libido. Want to keep fit and happy? Don’t allow a long period of sexless nights. Your lover craves closeness and attention and the best way to achieve a beautiful state of body and soul is by maintaining “Sexercise.” Forget jogging, a good climax will shed a few hundreds of calories – so use it to your advantage!


  • Our busy life often gets the better of us, but if you manage to make time for a business meeting on your calendar, you can make time for your relationship. Make it a priority and make sure to schedule time off to spend with each other. Once the plan is set, don’t even think about cancelling. Remember, this is your life so take good care of it.


  •  Strong people know how to apologize. If you make a mistake or say something hurtful, don’t hesistate to own up to your error. Swallowing your pride and telling your loved one that you’re sorry can be a struggle, especially when you know that you’re wrong. Don’t delay, say it immediately and be sincere!


Dr. Limor Blockman-Michelman is a world known clinical sex counselor, practicing as a relationship and family counselor, a sex educator, advice columnist, speaker and author. 

Tips were derived from “The Sex Doctor’s Prescription,” a methodic mobile application that was created by Dr.Limor as a result of a decade long work worldwide, and the release of 3 bestselling books. “The Sex Doctor’s Prescription” allows users to climb through simple steps toward a committing “couplehood,” using a spiritual number of specific tips, whether you are single, dating or trying to get your partner to commit.

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