Husbands: How To Make Your Wife Feel Sexy After Baby
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Husbands: How To Make Your Wife Feel Sexy After Baby

Women go through big changes in both body and mind during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby. At the same time, their husbands are also going through a vast emotional challenge. 

Both partners are trying to handle an array of different emotions – most importantly, adjusting to the new “exquisite addition” that will now turn their familiar DUO into an exciting TRIO!

So if you’re a new mom and all the emotional shifts are making it hard for you to get into “the mood,” here are a few useful suggestions for ways your partner can make you feel comfortable and sexy. Pass these tips along to your husband or any new father who might need a little help with his bedroom approach!

  • Breakfast in bed? A great romantic gesture. Get up a little early on the weekend and make her favorite breakfast. Food is always subconsciously connected to nurturing; making this effort and pampering her will be highly appreciated.


  • Too comfortable? Stop the chaste “pecking” and start kissing lusciously! More time and thought spent on one affectionate activity is bound to promote others. Make sure you do everything with passion and full attention!


  • Want to show her your unconditional love and appreciation? Women hate being cold, even indoors. When she gets out of the shower, cover her in a pre-heated fluffy towel fresh from the dryer, sizzling and snuggly.


  • She might seem confident, but chances are good that’s she’s somewhat insecure about her body – even advanced modern women need to know that they’re respected and appreciated. Compliment her constantly, while on your own or in the presence of others, and she’ll want to keep you forever.


  • Practice different methods of stimulation: varying your touch from gentle to intense. Play with different angles and styles of caressing, change it from up-and-down to circles. Practicing these changes will both indulge your lover and will gratify you with important information regarding her “TURN ONs”… sexy!


  • Plan a getaway: even a short break can refresh and recharge your love life, not to mention your sexual interest.  The key is to satisfy her needs even if it means taking the gentlemanly road and putting yours on the back burner. 


Just remember – happy wife, happy life!

Dr. Limor Blockman-Michelman is a world known clinical sex counselor, practicing as a relationship and family counselor, a sex educator, advice columnist, speaker and author. 

Tips were derived from “The Sex Doctor’s Prescription,” a methodic mobile application that was created by Dr.Limor as a result of a decade long work worldwide, and the release of 3 bestselling books. “The Sex Doctor’s Prescription” allows users to climb through simple steps toward a committing “couplehood,” using a spiritual number of specific tips, whether you are single, dating or trying to get your partner to commit.

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