Secret Powers of the Supermom
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Secret Powers of the Supermom

My 9-year-old son still believes I have super powers – which I do have, of course. Every mother has them.

When I see him studying me from the corner of his eye for any visible evidence, I quickly remind him that a superhero never brags about such powers and only uses them when needed. This seems to make perfect sense to him. I mean, was Clark Kent ever strutting around in his super cape in the newsroom with Lois Lane? Nooo.

But then one day, my son excitedly asks me to tell him exactly which superpowers I have, which inspires a moment of serious contemplation on my part. “Well…” I answer. And then I tell him.

The following is a list of some of the powers of a supermom.

1. Spider-Sense

We can sense imminent danger when it comes to our kids. Like when, for example, our toddler is dangling precariously on a monkey bar, or he has discovered his beloved ball has just rolled into the busy street–we know (feel!) what will likely transpire next…which leads me to our next superpower.

2. Powerful Reflexes 

It still amazes me how slow I can be getting out of bed some mornings but how I can move at lightning speed when my son is sitting on the nice couch and tells me he is about to vomit. In mere seconds, I’ve located the puke bowl, found a towel, and blazed to his side. And sometimes, I even make it in time.

3. Stomach of Steel

If you are a mom who hasn’t grimaced at something chunky, bloody, smelly, or green produced from your child, then your stomach is made of even more steel than mine.

4. Telepathy 

As mothers, we can be especially in tune with our children and know when they are feeling sad, happy, hurt, proud, or mischievous–without them even having to tell us. I especially appreciate this superpower, although I find that as my older son becomes a teenager, this power appears to be diminishing.

5. Healing Powers

When my boys were very little and I put a Band-Aid on their wound, they believed that a mother’s kiss could make all the pain go away. Don’t we wish it was sometimes that simple? But even though children grow up, there are special healing powers that we as parents still possess. Our words, for example, are much more powerful and effective than I think most of us know. A compliment can work wonders. Sometimes the most healing power resides in something as simple as an old-fashioned honest hug. And, it is a lot less sugary than a lollipop.

Despite all our flaws, it is nice to know that our children can still look up to us. The fact that they think we could possess a superpower is a rather encouraging thought.

After all, the way we view each other often defines how we treat that person. Imagine if we viewed ourselves (and our children) by what we could do instead of what we seemingly can’t. Sometimes finding the best in our children is rediscovering the best in us–and embracing our superpowers within. I’m willing to bet Lois Lane had a few of her own.

My son drew a picture of what he thought I’d look like if I could reveal my super self. See picture on the right.  It inspires me not to retire my super cape just yet, for I am SuperMom. Hear me roar.

About the Writer: Cori Linder is a professional editor and writing coach, as well as the Featured Blogger for Modern Mom magazine. Follow her on Twitter or contact her via email at

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