Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids
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Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids

For the most part, we leave it up to the pros to teach our children math, science, reading, and other important subjects that will help them reach their educational and professional goals. But, as parents, it’s our responsibility to teach our children the most crucial lessons in life, the lessons that will endure and eventually shape who they become.

We all pray and hope our kids will grow up to be successful, kind, happy, loving and so much more. But, this all starts with what we model for them at home, from the first day we bring them into this world. But there are countless lessons to learn from life – what lessons and values do we focus on and hope with all our hearts our children will understand and live by?

So, we asked our Facebook Friends, what is the most important life lesson you could teach your kids? Here are some of your responses (sorry if we didn’t post yours, some were repeats).

Lyanna Calderon Marvin: Anything worth doing in life will take hard work but it is worth the reward in the end.

Megan Weinbrecht Holsinger: To honestly always be yourself and to never let someone interfere with your life goals and accomplishments. Its so easy to be distracted and I want my kids to know that being head strong and self motivated will get them a long way and pay off in the long run!

Shelly Keenan: I hope to teach my kids that it’s okay to be yourself and challenge yourself and NOT to be afraid of making mistakes…this is how we learn and who knows, some of those mistakes may turn out to be great, like a new invention, recipe, therapy, etc…

Sundi Hoffman: The most important life lesson I try to teach my kids is "life is what you make it." If you’re crusty and being down, everything is going to seem rotten, but when you CHOOSE to have a good day, your day is typically extraordinary!

Marnie Amongol: To always make yourself happy first. As I say "If I’m not happy, my children aren’t happy".

Mommy Loves Coffee: We lead by example- healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, moderation, manners, giving is more than receiving, safety, education, discipline, learning lessons from triumphs and mistakes and that mistakes are okay.

Melissa Cody: I always try to teach my daughter to love themselves. They are beautiful and they are worth the extra effort.

Kathleen Ellis: That they have two choices…happiness or misery, and they decide which one to live! AND to see people through eyes of love and not through eyes of judgment.

Hope O’Donnell-Hill: Everyone has a choice as to the person they want to be. Your choices in life makes you who you are

Heather Eakes Hill: Have fun…don’t over analyze every situation in life.

Erin Duffy Gibson: As a mother of a teenage girl, I am always telling her how important self-respect is because if you don’t, no one else will have it for you.

Marilyn Oliver: I have two that I teach my children…1. If you are doing your very best, then I will ask no more, but to not even try is unacceptable. 2. Make sure the person you want to be with…is your best friend, and that you can wake up and look at them and say not I love you, but I like you. As I tell them, sex and lust fades, friendship and having things in common last a lifetime. I want my children’s spouses to be their best friends, then I know they will be happy for life.

Miranda Johnson: Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Brenda Engelman: Everything worth doing is worth doing right. That includes being nice to others, especially your siblings, cause they are your everyday friends forever.

Marianne Sweetin Born: To be honest, kind, and respectful.

Alison Marie Bracewell: That holding the mindset and understanding the way they think about themselves and others is key to achieving just about anything in life. Belief is everything and that starts in the mind.

Maria Arteaga-Pianiri: Have the courage to be true to who you are, but always show respect and find value in the differences of others.

Maya Davis: To be Faithful, Loving and Tolerant. Not only of others but especially themselves.

Shannon Paplaskas Sharpe: To handle their money and finances and live within their means. The rest will follow.

Holly McKnight Lauretta: For my daughter – a sense of self worth, self esteem and true convictions. It is so difficult being a girl, and becoming a woman with stereotypes and body image issues. I will always make her aware of her brains first and beauty second. She is perfect and should never settle for less than her worth.

Courtney Burgi: To be confident, kind, patient, compassionate and humble. To think of others, not just themselves. To think, filter, then speak… words carry a lot of feeling and can be painful. That they are perfect as they are and can do anything they put their minds to. That they are loved and supported, but I will always tell them to revisit a situation to learn its lessons. That fear can be empowering.

Cheryl Tolentino Espino: To consider that whenever my children feel negative about themselves, they need to change the way they think, so they can change the way they feel, in result of that, they change the way they act.

Jackie Williams: There are so many, however one that is close to my heart is to appreciate and respect animals and nature around us. In fact just this morning we were watching the birds eat the seed I put out at our tree. In our climate we don’t get to many birds all winter and when they come back in the spring it is really nice to see!

Javeria Ali: The smart people are the ones that learn from others mistakes.

Shannon Steven: I want my kids to know just how much they are loved. To respect themselves and others, have empathy and be the best person they can be. No matter what that means to them, I want them to do anything and everything in their power to make themselves proud of who they become. I can’t wait to see the adults, partners, parents, members of society they become.

Jm Langcake: That some things may change you, but you usually always end up with family and your closest of friends.

Jen Collins: Friends may come and go, but family is for life! So you better darn well get along with each other! Lol

Yvonne Yeo: Well, I would guide my child to be resilient and positive towards all things in life. And of course, to respect and live each day with kindness and compassion. 😉

Crystal Houston-Moyer: That life does not always seem fair. But that if we do right by others, and by ourselves, and remain kind and optimistic, we will be rewarded with joyous lives.

Monica O’keeffe: To count their blessings, respect their authority, and to love the Lord and others. Life is a journey and if they trust the Lord they will be exactly where they should be.

Thank you all for your enlightening responses. We love them all. Keep ’em coming!

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