Have a Fun and Cheap Spring Break with Your Family: Here’s How!
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Have a Fun and Cheap Spring Break with Your Family: Here’s How!

School’s out! At least for the week. That’s right. Spring break is just around the corner and that poses one very important question: what are the kids going to do?

Here at ModernMom, we recognize that with busy schedules, taking a vacation may not be a completely viable option so a staycation is the next best thing.

Try themed days like Funday Monday or Wacky Wednesday. Create a cupcake bar, and set out decorating materials where your kids and their friends can have a ball tuning in their wildest ideas in the form of a cupcake. Pick up some frosting, animal crackers, Twizzlers, marshmallows, sprinkles, and whatever other topping the kids so desire. Not only is it cost effective, but it’s a yummy treat for all.

Want to throw in some exercise? Well, hiking is always a great idea for those who want to enjoy the outdoors and get a workout, too. With Spring just starting, the skies are blue and it’s the perfect time to start hitting the trails. Depending on what you want, there’s a hike that’s suitable for everyone. Be sure to pack a lot of water and some trail mix for the adventure!

If the weather’s right, taking a dip in the pool is always a hit. Create a luau setting where the kids will feel like they’re on a vacation, even if they’re just in their backyard. Classic games like limbo never go out of style. Cool down with some fruit, a splash of water, and the groovy sound of the Beach Boys.

For those feeling a little spontaneous, try a Pirate themed dinner where you cover the dinner table with newspaper, and nobody is allowed to eat with utensils. That’s right! The only thing you have are your hands and the food. The kids already abide by table manners on a daily basis. Spring break is a time to let loose and have a little fun! Have a blast, make a mess. A fun alternative to the newspaper may be to get some plain white butcher paper, some crayons, and allow the kids to create their very own piece of art. Who says adults can’t join in on the fun, too?

To end spring break with a bang, try coordinating a scavenger hunt with a few other parents and their kids. Create mysterious clues that will require the kids to work together, and have an adult assigned per team to drive to the designated location to receive their next clue. End the scavenger hunt at one of the kids’ houses where you can set up an ice cream sundae bar and if they’re up for it, a slumber party! While the kids eat ice cream and watch movies, the adults can finally give their feet a rest and catch up over a nice cup of coffee.

Spring break doesn’t have to be expensive in order for it to be fun! Happy Spring Break!

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