Five Reasons Why Every Mom Should Be On Twitter
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Five Reasons Why Every Mom Should Be On Twitter

Are you one of those moms who avoids computers? If so, the time may have come to change your ways – to embrace technology and all it has to offer.

Twitter may seem confusing at first, but if you’re unsure how to navigate the social media site, just search for one of the thousands of tutorials available on the Internet. You’ll be tweeting like a pro in no time!

Here are five reasons why moms should be on Twitter:

1. Finding The Best Bargains

Twitter is a great place to find sales, discounts and even free perks. I have enjoyed some pretty nice discounts and freebies from Twitter. You will need to start by following your favorite retailers and by joining the website Klout.

2. Connect With Your Local Community

The people who matter in your local community are most likely already on Twitter. Your children’s school district probably has a twitter account. You will get updates immediately. Your local churches, restaurants, theaters even your dentist probably has a twitter account. Its a great way to stay connected to your community.

3. Get Breaking News

No where else delivers breaking news faster than on Twitter. Remember when Bin Laden was killed? Word spread like wildfire on Twitter despite the White House’s attempt to contain the news so the President could break it. Local, regional and world news are immediate on Twitter.

4. Connect With People Who Share Your Interests

Whether you are a crafter, quilter or just like the Real Housewives of Anywhere, Twitter is the place to connect with like-minded people. You have real time, direct access to experts, celebrities and politicians. The playing is field is leveled. Where else can you tweet with Marlo Thomas and Cory Booker in the same day? You can search for jobs and find out who is hiring. The ability to connect with people is endless. (*not all celebrities do their own tweeting, however it has been my experience that most do!)

5. Know What Your Kids Are Doing

In my opinion, this is the single most important reason to join Twitter, especially if you have teenagers. You can make a “Twitter List” of all your children’s friends and their friends. And then sit back on any given Saturday night and watch the interactions unfold. It will be revealed in short order who is funny, smart, and who is intellectually challenged. You will often see who is drinking, smoking or otherwise engaging in bad behavior. (Since you don’t have to “Follow” the individual to include them on a “Twitter List”, they most likely will never know you are reading their tweets!)

I guess some may consider this an invasion of privacy, but we have warned our children for years about putting info out in the public domain. They have been given fair warning.

Now that you are convinced you need to join Twitter, once you sign on, the first person you should follow is @MomsThoughts  I will be happy to show you around! 

Anne Cahalane is a mom of two and host of The MomsThoughts™ Show. Read more:

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