Kris Jenner’s Down to Earth Parenting Style Despite Daughters in the Spotlight
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Kris Jenner’s Down to Earth Parenting Style Despite Daughters in the Spotlight

Would you have guessed that one in three women experience light bladder leakage (LBL)? No, because ladies tend to keep their lips zipped about it. To help raise awareness for this issue, Kris Jenner is honoring Women’s History Month (this month, ladies!) by teaming up with  Poise to portray an American icon, Rosie the Riveter, in a light-hearted online creative campaign at

Poise is inviting women to leave their mark on history by creating a caption for the Jenner’s reincarnation of the legendary Rosie the Riveter picture. You too can think of an original caption that tells the LBL story from Rosie’s perspective here. Each submission will be entered for a chance to win a fabulous trip to NYC or Paris. Poise will donate one dollar for every woman who participates in the campaign to the Women’s Health Foundation (WHF), an organization committed to championing women’s pelvic health issues.

When we spoke with Kris recently, we chatted about the LBL campaign, but also about her famous family. Because before being a savvy businesswioman or spokeperson for Poise, Kris is a mother of five (including Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian)! Check out what she had to say about her awesome new cause and raising a houseful of rising starlets.

What specific values did you instill in your children that helped them become as successful as they are?

I tried to instill in the kids that it was really important to have a good work ethic and to be responsible, reliable, and independent adults. I taught them that if they wanted extras, they needed to go to work for themselves and made them realize the value of things and how you had to work hard to get what you wanted.

Is it difficult to have daughters who are always in the spotlight? Why?

From a professional level, to say you have daughters in the spotlight is one thing, but to maintain the behind-the-scenes extravaganza that goes with that is an enormous undertaking, so it’s a lot of work, which I don’t think a lot of people see on the outside.

If there’s one piece of advice you could give to moms everywhere, what would it be?

My biggest blessing is my children and my family–keeping everyone really well grounded and down to earth, ensuring they have their integrity and values in check. I think as a mom you have to be the person who’s the responsible one, and the responsibility falls on moms to keep kids in check. So be on your toes!

Do you have any fun, silly family traditions?

Our traditions revolve around the holidays mostly. The things we look forward to are Christmas Eve, Easter, summer vacations, and any family time. Even though we all work together, we look forward to playing together. When we do, we are always silly so makes it more fun.

What do you love most about your kids?

Their hearts and their love and respect of others, their generosity and their ability to laugh at themselves. I’m so proud of them because they always put family first.

What’s a fun memory that you and your kids always recall and laugh about?

I think that the one thing my kids are able to do is recall the memories that they had growing up with their dad and to appreciate him as a father and friend and how funny he was. They are able to laugh and enjoy his memory.

What’s the best family vacation you’ve been on?

Skiing with the whole family. Fun to get everyone out there doing something that they all love.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced since you’ve been a mom?

My biggest challenge has probably been learning how to be a good grandmother and dealing with that other dimension. We battle every day over who gets to watch him.

How do you deal with it when one of your kids is mad at you?

I cry. And then I pick myself up. We talk through everything that happens in our family especially if it’s a disagreement. I’m most proud of our ability to communicate and it’s our relationship that keeps everyone intact. And of course I’m always right.

Describe your parenting style in one word.


What’s the last parenting decision you regretted?

That I said yes to Kylie putting streaks in her hair last night.

What importance does LBL hold for you?

Light bladder leakage, LBL, is important to me because so many women feel like they are the only ones who experience it, but one in three women actually have this condition, including myself! I really want to show women that they shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed–we need to get comfortable with it. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Poise on its Great Women in History campaign, where I am playing Rosie the Riveter to help raise awareness of LBL. It’s rumored that even great women throughout history, like Rosie, have suffered from LBL. Go to to tell Rosie the Riveter’s LBL story and share your own–for everyone who participates in the campaign, $1 will go to Women’s Health Foundation.

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