7 Steps to Help Your Teen Score a Summer Job!
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7 Steps to Help Your Teen Score a Summer Job!

Spring just began, but since time likes to fly, it’s not too early to help your teen start searching for a summer job!

Not only will you save yourself from the dreaded, "mom, I’m SOOO bored" but your teen will be exposed to a real work environment and gain a valuable skill set they can take with them long after this summer.

Using the following steps, your teen should have no trouble finding a job!

1. Discuss your teen’s interest and set a goal

Figure out what it is that your teen is most interested in doing. Pin point their motivation for working, and it’ll be easier to determine a course of action from there. For instance, if they love working with an array of guests and are a social butterfly, being a hostess or a server in a restaurant would give them invaluable exposure to customer service while still making a good amount of money. If they enjoy music, maybe they could work at a local music store. Just remember: there’s something for everyone!

2. Go over your teen’s strengths and previous work experience, and create a resume.

Employers like an employee that knows their strengths, and will use them to the company’s advantage. It’s good for teens to know their capabilities, and how they can use those things to be a top notch employee. Plus, with a boost of confidence, they will feel even more motivated to find a job because of how attainable the goal will feel.

3. Scour the surrounding area for companies that are hiring! Network!

Have your teen make a list of potential places they’d want to work, and make some calls or visit the places to see if they are hiring. Make sure that you print out enough resumes for your teen to hand off to perspective employers. The advantage of visiting a place in person is the chance of your teen meeting the manager, being able to shake their hand, and make a lasting first impression! Be sure to check out places that are especially popular during the summer, because they will need more help than ever. So, swing by ice cream shops, water parks, and community pools. It might also be helpful to let your relatives, friends, and neighbors know that your teen is searching for a job. They may know about a job opportunity that you may have never even heard of!
Be sure to have a good CD or book to keep you company while your teen fills out the application inside. Another option is having them take the application home and dropping it off at a later date.

4. Do a Mock Interview.

After your teen lands an interview, sit down with them and do a mock interview. Act as the interviewer and ask your teen some potential questions that they would be asked on their actual interview. For instance, if they were interviewing at an ice cream shop, you might want to ask "what would you do if you were the only person working, you had a long line, and the guest you were helping wouldn’t stop asking for samples?". Tough questions will get them thinking and help them be prepared by the time they do their real interview!

5. Be Professional.

Employers want an employee that’s punctual and responsible. Make sure to show up to your interview with 5 or 10 minutes to spare. It is ALWAYS better to be early than late. Be sure to research the company beforehand so your teen knows a few key facts about the position and their potential workplace. Also, dress nice! Dress code depends on that of the work environment. Be sure that your teen knows to ask for contact information, whether it be a phone number or e-mail, after their interview. Employers like employees that take initiative and show interest!

6. Follow Up.

Using the e-mail that the teen got during the interview, they should send an e-mail thanking the manager for his or her time. Be sure that they also personalize the e-mail by stating what they enjoyed about the interview and re-expressing their interest in the position. A thank you note or e-mail is something that will make your teen stand out from other teens.

7. You’re hired! (Well, hopefully!!)

Hopefully successful completion of the 6 steps above will have landed your teen a summer job!

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