Five Fun Things to do on Mother’s Day
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Five Fun Things to do on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here, and let’s face it, sometimes we like to give little “hints” to our loved ones about what special gifts we want for our special day!  Or better yet, you can even treat yourself!

Here are some fun and creative ways to spend mother’s day either by yourself or with your family.  If this article just happens to get left on your loved one’s desk, well then, all the better!

1. Go on an exciting adventure

Visit the Xperience Days website and pick an adventure you’ve always wanted to try.  Small plane ride, hot air balloon, or even a Nascar driving experience! If you don’t want to go too crazy, you can choose a cooking class, a food tasting, glass blowing – there are so many options to choose from making it a perfect way to spend your special day!

2. Get a clean house

Tired of keeping up with the housework?  Hiring a cleaning person to come in for the day while you get to relax and do anything you want makes for one amazing gift.  The peace of mind a clean and orderly household brings is worth a million, especially when you didn’t have to lift a finger!

3. Spa day for mom

Visiting a day spa for a wonderful massage or a facial is definitely a way to enjoy your special day.  Some spas offer packages of several treatments back to back letting you escape to a little piece of heaven for several hours.  Get pampered from head to toe because you deserve it!2. Take a family weekend getaway

4. Take a family weekend getaway

There are many family friendly resort spas making for the perfect way to relax with your family.  One of my favorites is Paradise Point in Southern California.  It’s situated on a lush private island on Mission Bay in San Diego, so you have access to the beach any time you want!  The grounds are beautiful and spread out with 5 pools to swim in, a full service spa (that’s where you can spend lots of time), a fitness center and two amazing restaurants with bay views.  What we love the most is to have a bonfire on the beach in the evening – the wood and smores accoutrement can be purchased at their island store.

5. Keep it simple

A lovely way to spend your special day is to be pampered by the ones you love the most – your family.  Getting to sleep in, having breakfast in bed, a long bubble bath.  Maybe your partner takes the kids out for a bit so you get a little time to yourself, and then end the day with a wonderful dinner together (preferably not cooked by you!)

Feeling the love of your family is the best gift of all!

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