Celebrity Mom Tattoos — Who Has What…
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Celebrity Mom Tattoos — Who Has What…

Who ever said moms can’t be edgy and cool?

Famous moms are leading the new wave of edgy motherhood, sporting tattoos of all shapes and sizes. As many celebs know, a carefully placed tattoo can enhance certain body parts and features, especially in photographs.

But many celeb moms opt for tattoos because of their special meanings, sometimes getting their kids’ or husbands’ names permanently inked on their bodies. Others choose more indirect meanings, perhaps using ancient symbols. Here are the top celeb mommy tattoos uncovered:

Angelina Jolie

Angelina has more tattoos than she does children, at least for now. She is also the queen of getting tattoos removed or covered with another tattoo. Pre-mommy days, Angelina inked Billy Bob’s name on her left upper arm.

Now, she has covered up that tattoo with the coordinates of where her kids (adopted and biological) were born; in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia, Vietnam, then Nice respectively.

On her left hip, Angelina covered up a small dragon tattoo with a large cross, showing her religious devotion. On her left shoulder, Angelina inked a Buddhist Pali incantation written in Khmer script, in order to protect her and Maddox from bad luck. These are just a few of Angelina’s tats, but it’s obvious that motherhood has changed not only her mind, but her body.

Jessica Alba

Of her several tattoos, Jessica’s most meaningful to date is on her wrist. It is the Sanskrit symbol for “lotus flower,” signifying spiritual advancement.

It’s kind of a family tradition, as her mother, aunt and cousin all share the same tattoo. We have a feeling her daughter, Honor, may get the same tattoo when she turns 18.

Victoria Beckham

Going down the back of Victoria’s neck is the Hebrew quotation for, “I belong to my beloved and my beloved belongs to me.” Her hubby David has a similar tattoo which reads, “I to my dear and my dear to me.”

They got these tattoos after six years of marriage, as an oath of eternal love. Despite the supposed curse that spousal tattoos bring bad luck, Victoria and David are going strong.

Nicole Richie

Of Nicole’s nine tattoos, one of her most prominent tattoos is the rosary beads on her ankle and foot which has obvious religious significance.

Much less known are the ballerina slippers tattooed across her stomach. Her singer/songwriter father, Lionel Richie, wrote a song entitled “Ballerina Girl” for her when she was a kid. We’ll take a wild guess and say she’s more of a daddy’s girl.

Julia Roberts

Out of all the celeb mommies out there, we probably would’ve never guessed that Julia has gotten inked.

On the small of her back, Julia got her three kids’ names tattooed: four-year-old twins Phinneus and Hazel and two-year-old Henry.

Heidi Klum

Also defying the spousal tattoo curse, Heidi got Seal’s name tattooed on her right arm. And like Julia, Heidi also added her childrens initials to her arm.

The love she has for her family is forever. No tattoo removal necessary.

Brooke Burke

Brooke has a tattoo of her children’s names as well as two others – can you guess where they are? Find out here: Brooke Gets a New Tattoo

All of these sexy and sophisticated celebrity moms wear their tattoos proudly, whether on the red carpet or walking their kids to school. These moms prove that tattoos can be meaningful and beautiful. Do you have one? Would you ever get one?


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