What To Bring When Hiking With Kids
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What To Bring When Hiking With Kids

Obviously getting your kids out and being active with them is EXTREMELY important, but there is soo much more that goes along with it! 

This past weekend my girlfriend and myself took my 3 minis out for an LA adventure 🙂 We began our hike from our house heading to a local canyon for a hike. 

The first thing that was funny about our outing is that along the way we passed a few people who asked where we were heading and once we told them the first thing out of their mouths was “you’re WALKING there???”

My girlfriend and I chuckled and trudged on.  Along the walk it was about every two feet that we had to stop for someone to have a drink or a snack.  Since the big girls were walking, we didn’t want to discourage them, so we obliged.  As we were walking, my girlfriend and I discussed how since LA is such a driving city, people’s perceptions of distance seem to be skewed a bit. 

Being a hot day and with the kids exerting so much energy being properly prepared with food/water was so important.

Here is my list of what to bring on a family fitness outing:

1. Bottled water, one for each person

2. Snack bag (dried fruit and nuts) great quick energy and not too messy if they get hot in the sun.

3. Sunscreen, don’t sacrifice your skin’s health

4. Hat/sunglasses- so many times we remember our shades and forget about our minis.

5. A good attitude and patience- keeping your kids involved in the hike may take a lot of cheerleading from you, pointing out sights along the way or playing ‘ I spy’ are good ways to keep them moving.

Also be prepared to stop and look at rocks along the way, your out in nature, enjoying time with your family and getting some physical activity!

So get out and move!
Lana Titus

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