Buffalo Bean Won Ton Cups [Vegan]
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Buffalo Bean Won Ton Cups [Vegan]

Some nights at dinner I feel like I am surrounded by a table of the toughest critics. Can any of you relate? It is a hard job but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I swear sometimes my kids say even the sweet dishes need more salt just to throw in their two cents.

I really enjoyed these Buffalo Bean Won Ton cups, and before even reaching the table, my husband intercepted a solid half dozen of these puppies. The crumbs were cascading from his mouth as he suggested that I should really make these the next time we have friends over because they’d make a great appetizer.

If that’s not a glowing endorsement I don’t know what is!

Later the same evening, when my husband left to go play a hockey game, I went to the fridge and ate three more of these, the very last three. Something I rarely do at night, but they were calling my name.

When my husband returned home from hockey he was looking for a late night snack. All that skating made him hungry. I had to ‘fess up and admit I ate the last of the won ton cups. He said nothing but didn’t look impressed. I suggested he have some toast with peanut butter. Apparently he all of a sudden does not like toast with peanut butter. The thing is, when you are craving one of these, nothing else will do.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Invite your friends over and celebrate, unless you want to save them all for yourself that is… I wouldn’t blame you.

Ingredients (yields 24 cups)

  • 24 Won Ton wrappers
  • 1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • ¼ cup hot sauce (I used Frank’s Red Hot Original)
  • 1 Tbsp. Earth Balance or vegan butter alternative
  • 1 cup pinto beans
  • ¾ cup Daiya cheddar style shreds, vegan cheese alternative
  • ½ avocado, ripe cut into small cubes (optional)
  • Salt to taste (optional)


Preheat oven to 375F. Spray a mini muffin tin with non-stick cooking spray.

Lightly brush won tons wrappers in olive oil, and place oil side down in mini muffin cups, pressing down allowing sides to overlap.


Cook won ton wrappers for 8 minutes.


In a medium size sauce pan over medium heat, combine the hot sauce and earth balance butter alternative, and stir until melted and mixed together.

Stir in pinto beans. Cook stirring frequently for 2 -3 minutes, then remove from heat.

Put 1 tsp. of buffalo bean mixture into each cooked won ton wrapper.

Top cups with 1 tsp. of Daiya cheddar style shreds.

Bake again for approximately 5 minutes until cheese melts.

Remove won ton cups from mini muffin tin to serve.

Add one small cube of avocado to the top of each won ton cup. Sprinkle avocado with a very small pinch of salt to taste (optional).


The Buffalo Beans in Crisp Won Ton cups also taste great without the avocado, so if you don’t have a ripe avocado, no worries it will still be delicious!


Tip: for a kid friendly version try tossing some of the beans in BBQ sauce or ketchup instead of the Buffalo sauce.

Canned beans work well, but I highly recommend making your own beans in order bypass all the salt and chemicals that can be found in cans. You can find out how to cook your own beans here – How to Cook Dried Beans in a Slow Cooker

Until we meet again… I’ll tempt you with one last picture.


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With love, gratitude, and crispy delicious bites,

Wendy Irene

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