Christmas Winter Wonderland Decorating Ideas
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Christmas Winter Wonderland Decorating Ideas

Want to create a Christmas winter wonderland in your own home, office cubicle or anywhere that you feel needs a touch of festive fun? It’s always a great way to decorate for a holiday party or event!

A Christmas winter wonderland typically has snowflakes and icicles (although not the kind made from frozen water) along with color schemes in blue and silver or red and green. Here’s a few ideas for winter wonderland decorations that will hopefully inspire and excite you:

Start with the Basics

Make it feel like you’re in the middle of a majestic snowfall by hanging twinkling white lights along the top of the walls, preferably snowflake-shaped. Hang white and silver glittery snowflakes from the ceiling. Include snowflake-shaped balloons for a party or celebration.

Wreaths that appear to have snow piled on them–with a bit of greenery and red berries poking out–can contribute to your winter wonderland and add a bit of warm color. Spread artificial snow or stretched cotton around the ground if you want it to feel like there’s snow everywhere. Add a life-sized snowman to the entryway of your home or a corner in the room. Spray artificial snow on the windows or mirrors. Draw snowflakes in the snow for a sparkly look.

Tree Decoration

Use a white tree or spray a green tree with artificial snow. Decorate with clear beads, silver tinsel and both static and twinkling white lights. Hang crystal icicle shapes, glittery snowflakes and silver, blue and clear glass balls. If you’d like to make the tree a bit more whimsical, consider hanging snowmen, angels or other Christmas ornaments. Add red berries if you want a touch of warmth and natural winter landscape. Top the tree off with an icicle, silver star, angel, snowman or any other topper that complements your tree decorations.

Table Settings

Tables, counters, mantels and other flat services are optimal for a variety of decorations that complement a Christmas winter wonderland theme. Spread cotton or use a fluffy white tablecloth with shiny silver specs in it to create a snowy, winter wonderland foundation. Top it off with place settings, centerpieces or collections, depending on how the space needs to function. Place settings might include white and silver snowflake-shaped place mats with small votive candles and crystal stemware. Alternatively, use plain or snowflake-patterned light blue, white or silver dishes. Add a linen napkin with a silver or snowflake napkin ring.

Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces can be as simple as white or light blue pillar candles on silver candle holders. Fill apothecary jars or tall glass cylinders with white, light blue and silver glass balls or make your own faux snowballs by rolling Styrofoam balls in clear glue and silver glitter. Mix white and clear water crystals with some water to get a snow-like look before inserting flowers. Tie a blue or white ribbon around a silver bucket filled with rocks or sand. Arrange bare willow branches (regular branches will work, too) in the bucket. Spray paint them white beforehand if you want to keep with an all-white winter wonderland. Hang votive candles inside of lanterns, crystal icicles, snowflakes or white lights from the branches.

And there you have it – a sparkling winter wonderland that’s ablaze with ice!

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