The Pistachio Principle And Other Tricks For A Leaner Waist & Hips
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The Pistachio Principle And Other Tricks For A Leaner Waist & Hips

Most women, no matter how old they are or what stage of motherhood they’re in, would probably like to shed a few pounds and look leaner. And we’re no exception! So as registered dietitians and personal trainers, we make it our mission to explore new weight loss tricks and share what we learn with you.

Last week we attended The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetic Association [ADA]) annual conference in San Diego where we were reminded of a few interesting ways to stay slim and even learned a few new tricks!


One of the newest ideas is called the “Pistachio Principle.”  It refers to a study that shows the benefits of eating pistachios and having the empty shells pile up in front of you.  Turns out, you end up eating a lot fewer nuts since the shells serve as a reminder of how many nuts you have already eaten.

But what’s even more exciting is that this study also showed that those who ate fewer calories were just as satisfied — i.e. they weren’t any hungrier than the people who ate more than them! So what does this mean for those of us trying to lose weight? Based on that information, here are six tricks for a leaner waist and hips:

Trick #1: Leave a visual cue to remind you of how much you ate.  Think pistachios in shells and edamame in pods – they’re both dreamy.  Instead of tossing the shells as you eat, leave them on your plate. This visual cue works perfectly for us and helps to keep us in check, so hopefully it will work for you too. Plus, we already have a love affair with pistachios because they’re the “Skinny Nut” – one of the nuts that are the lowest in fat but also highest in protein and fiber – so they are super satisfying. And you get 30 pistachios for only 100 calories. Most other nuts you get only half this many for the same amount of calories. (We often take a bag of wonderful pistachios with us because they are perfect when you are on the go.  We pile the shells into a plastic bag so we don’t overdo it!)

Trick #2:  Buy snacks with cash only.  When you buy items with credit cards you don’t feel the financial impact immediately. This can cause you to make less healthy choices and buy more food than you may need.  If you buy a snack with cash, you’ll usually make better choices. So if you’re like our mom who never carries any cash with her, you’ll be leaner AND have a heftier bank account!

Trick #3: Eat off blue colored plates. We know, this doesn’t sound super appetizing, but that’s EXACTLY our point! You’ll be less enticed, so you’ll eat less.

Trick #4: Leave behind the last 4 bites one meal each day. You’ll save about 100 calories at the meal which means that in a month you’ll have lost about a pound – and you’ll have lost it effortlessly!

Trick #5: Use The Nutrition Twins Veggies Rule! Add at least one cup of veggies to your meal and mix it right in with the rest of your meal.  This means your plate will be filled with more veggies and with less carbs and protein (since the veggies will be filling up more of the plate). You’ll still have a full plate – and a full belly – of delicious food, just with fewer calories!

Trick #6: Curb cravings with gum. When you get a craving but have already consumed plenty of food, distract your mind and your taste buds by chewing delicious sugar-free gum.  You could lose ten pounds in the next three months.

What tricks work best for you?  Please leave a comment and let us know!

The Nutrition Twins work with Paramount Farms Pistachios to spread the word about how to choose great protein-packed, fiber-rich snacks like pistachios that help to nourish your body while keeping you satiated and lean.

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