Clean Your Home in Half the Time with These Speed-Cleaning Tips
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Clean Your Home in Half the Time with These Speed-Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the house can take hours, or even days, depending on how much you need to get done and how long it’s been since the last "deep clean.” What most people don’t know is how to clean efficiently, in a way that saves time and gets the job done quicker. For the pros at Merry Maids, resourceful cleaning is critical, as they clean multiple homes a day. These home-cleaning experts know how to prioritize, organize and lay out a plan of attack that gets the job done not just quickly but thoroughly.

Here are some of Merry Maids’ top techniques and tools for speed-cleaning your house, room by room. If you start using these cleaning tips on a regular basis, your house will be cleaner in less time, and major cleaning sessions won’t seem so daunting because your house will already be in good order.

Timesaving tricks

• Straighten up the house before the cleaning begins. Clutter slows down your cleaning. Go through the house room by room and put away items that are lying out. But don’t sweep things under the proverbial rug. Shoving items in drawers and closets just to get them out of the way isn’t a good idea. You’re going to have to deal with it again eventually – why not take care of it immediately by putting it in its proper place?


• Work from a list. Think logically about where you’re going to start and end, rather than bouncing between rooms and floors of the house. Prioritize what needs to get done and where it makes sense to start. Doing so can help keep you on track and give you the satisfaction of checking completed tasks off the list. If you think of other things as you’re working, add it to the list and address it when appropriate.


• Stay focused. Answering the phone can break your concentration and momentum, so make it a "do not disturb" time. It can be tempting to start reading through catalogs and magazines you’re putting in the recycling bin, but if you don’t resist the urge, you’ll be dragging your chores out and cutting into your own free time.


• Set a time limit for each room. Merry Maids suggests setting a kitchen timer before you start each room. Every time you clean, keep track of your time and try to finish cleaning each room a little faster than the time before.


• Choose a focal point within each room as a beginning point. Whether it’s the kitchen sink or the bathroom shower, giving yourself something to focus on immediately can help motivate you to get started. As you finish one area, move to the next in a clockwise direction.

• Use both hands. Finish one step with one hand, and then begin the next with the other. This not only will make you work faster,but it will even out the workload so one arm isn’t doing all the work.

• Don’t backtrack. Go around the room only once — a lot of time is often lost going over areas that have already been cleaned. Just remember that you should save the floor for last — if you disturb dust or debris as you work, it’ll fall, and you can pick it all up in your last step.

• Don’t scrub. Let the cleaning solution do the work for you. Spray tough spots — such as a soap scum-covered shower wall — with cleaner and let it soak while you clean something else. You’ll make double use of your time and save elbow grease.


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