How to NOT Fight With Your Spouse Over Housework
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How to NOT Fight With Your Spouse Over Housework

Could hiring a cleaning company improve your relationship with your spouse? Among numerous studies about what topics trigger arguments for couples, housework is always a contributing factor. One in five Americans admits to fighting with their spouse over housework at least once a month.

In the book "Spousanomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage, and Dirty Dishes," a suggestion for frustrated couples is to focus on those cleaning chores which you are good at and divide the work that way. Many women suggest that if they cook their husband should help clean up. Others divide up the laundry and one spouse washes, the other folds the clean clothes and puts them away.

Housework doesn’t have to be a battle ground, or if it must be a battle ground, one way you can make cleaning more bearable is to have some fun with your spouse rather than making cleaning something you put off doing.

Challenge each other to a friendly competition.

Turn it into a team project. Create deadlines that each of you can meet and reward a finished project with a break or time off for a job well done. A friendly competition can make the task seem less daunting and overwhelming. You don’t have to clean the entire house at once. Remember, unless you have a friendly wager going with one of your teammates, this isn’t a race.

Tools for his tool box

One thing that men, in particular, are interested in are gadgets and tools. If you engage him with purchasing the cleaning tools, he may be more inclined to help you put them to use. The experts at Merry Maids recommend these essential cleaning tools:

1. A 50-foot, heavy-duty extension cord. This lets you plug in the vacuum cleaner once, instead of having to lug it around to different outlets.

2. A sturdy step ladder. Having a two- or three-foot step ladder lets you get to those hard to reach areas, like air vents near the ceiling, light fixtures and the highest shelves.

3. A cleaning caddy (tool box). A portable tool caddy lets you keep most of what you need right at hand. Stock it with a spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner, oil soap for wood surfaces, nonabrasive cleanser, microfiber cloths for dusting, paper towels, sponges, latex gloves to protect your hands, and a squeegee for windows, mirrors and tub and shower doors. You may want to get a caddy for each floor of your home and stock them with appropriate cleaning supplies.

4. A sturdy carpenter’s apron. These handy canvas aprons have multiple pockets that can hold additional items, such as old toothbrushes for cleaning grout and hard-to-reach areas, a widget (a small tool with a blade for removing stubborn dirt), and dryer sheets for cleaning mini blinds and computer and TV monitors.

5. A steamer. Cleaning with steam lets you clean and deodorize multiple surfaces around the house. Johnson says that steam is quick and powerful, and since you’re only using water, you eliminate the need for using products. You can get a handheld steamer for smaller jobs, or an upright version for tackling floors. If you have hardwood floors, make sure the model you have is made for cleaning sealed floors.

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