Having “The Talk” With Your Kids
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Having “The Talk” With Your Kids

Have you had “the talk” with your preteens yet?

This is one of the scariest jobs of a parent. How does one explain the dastardly deed to your child without having to hear the usual response of “yuk, do you and Daddy do that?” Well, there is always the “gutter”…not that that hasn’t been a tried and true response over the centuries. But, what information will the “gutter” provide? Could it possibly be accurate?

One can always leave the “talk” to the schoolroom. But, what if they approach this delicate topic in too clinical a way? What if there are still unanswered questions? So, the discussion seems to be yours and yours alone.

Books are always a great way to handle this issue. Some suggestions are as follows: It’s Not the Stork by Robie Harris; What’s Happening to Me by Alex Firth; How to Talk to your Child about Sexby Linda Eyre; and Where did I Come From? by Peter Mayle.

And, there are many sites on the internet which may be of help, but must be checked out very carefully.

Of course, it is up to parents to handle this subject according to their beliefs and blush level. Somehow, the children always manage to figure it out.

How are you going to handle it? Or if you’ve already been through it – please share!

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